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WARRIOR: Inspiration to us all

| December 9, 2020 1:00 AM

We are always most inspired by stories of grief, struggle and overall adversity as they serve testament to that fact that we are not alone in our experience.

If the Dec. 4 article “Little Warrior” about Kyrah O’Brien and her family’s sudden life-changing events doesn’t put into perspective the importance of perseverance through trial, nothing will this year.

It is in these times that we must stay strong and stay connected both by our shared moments of struggle and the hope that navigates us through another day amidst the uncharted waters of uncertainty and chaos.

To the O’Brien family and many more out there in a position not so different from theirs, it is our fervent prayer that you keep the strength and remain strong moving forward.

May the coming times of struggle pale in comparison to the boundless love and resolve that Kyrah, her family and those like them continue to move them forward and inspire others to keep up the fight and persevere through this year with a #KyrahStrength.


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