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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy took a theft report at N. Neighbor Ct. Someone came onto the property and stole a lighted deer Christmas decoration. In its place a deer crossing sign was left. It was later learned this sign was had been removed from Brunner Rd. The Highway District was notified to come and retrieve the sign, reports completed.

• A Deputy took a report of a cellphone stolen from the playground at Athol City Park.

• Deputies responded to E. Ohio Match Rd. for a psychological. An 18 year old male was upset and was breaking windows and other items with a chair. The male then began cutting himself with the broken glass. He was taken to KH for evaluation.

• Deputies responded to the 20900 block of Cordillera St. for a report of a rolled excavator with the operator trapped inside. The excavator was being loaded on a trailer when it slipped off the trailer and rolled down a steep hill, landing on the cab and side. The operator was transported to KH with non-life threatening injuries.

• A Deputy took a crash report of a vehicle that lost control backing up on FSR 438 in the Beauty Creek area. The vehicle had rolled down the hill. The crash was cold and no injuries. Report completed.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Government and Wilbur. The driver had an active warrant and was arrested. 20-52317

• A call was aired to CDAPD for a theft that had just occurred at Target on Canfield. The suspect had reportedly stolen a $1,200 iPhone from the victim demanding to call 911 then fled the area with the phone. Several KCSO deputies were in the area en route to a non-priority call when it was aired to city. They quickly located the suspect vehicle as it was going into Hayden. The suspect had called 911 on the victim's phone stating a dozen cars were after her wanting her to stop and she needed help. It really was only a couple of police cars and yes they wanted her to stop. She also stated she would not comply with law enforcement due the people chasing her, which again was Law Enforcement. The pursuit went from Wilbur and Government into Spokane Valley. Multiple agencies including KCSO attempted spike strips along I-90 and one tire deflated. Once in Spokane County, SCSO took over the pursuit and boxed the female in near the Spokane Valley Mall. She was taken into custody without incident. It appeared that she suffered from mental illness and the statements regarding being chased were delusions. 20-52346

• A Deputy responded to the Athol Community Center for a dog bite. The victim suffered minor injuries after an English mastiff bit her in the face. The Deputy responded and completed the investigation, including impounding the dog for quarantine. 20-52345

• A Deputy found a hit and run crash at Brunner and Diagonal after the stop sign had been knocked over. Deputy recalled seeing a vehicle traveling northbound on Clagstone with one headlight out, and on scene he noticed a trail of fluids from a vehicle. The Deputy was en route to the shelter to impound a dog on a different call and requested another Deputy respond to investigate. The Deputy responded and followed the fluid trail to a house on Silver Meadows Loop. Prior to contacting any suspects, a male called in to report that he was the suspect of the crash. He was cited and released for failure to report. 20-52348

• Deputies responded to N Stateline Road for a report of a suicidal subject. The male was making statements regarding wishing to commit suicide by firearm. The units were able to contact the male at the residence. He continued to make suicidal statements and Deputies took him to KH for a PC hold. 20-52354

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Cataldo Mission for a possible citizen dispute. Shoshone County received a 911 call from two intoxicated individuals who were talking in the background about “moving drugs across state lines.” Deputies responded and the two males. Both individuals were intoxicated but vehicle was parked and turned off. Dep. Culnane completed an FI. 20-52368

• A Deputy responded to a littering at Yellowstone Trail X Timothy Lane. The R/P stated someone had dropped a large amount of trash in the area. This has been the second incident where someone has dumped a large quantity of garbage in the area. Deputies completed a crime report. 20-52359