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MASKS: Denying their efficacy

| December 9, 2020 1:00 AM

No Mr. Biden, I shall not wear your muzzle! Masks are not effective at preventing the spread of the Wuhan Flu. There is no “The Science,” which separates objective truth from Heretical falsity. Many prominent scientists have signed the Great Barrington Declaration to voice their principled opposition to the notion that repressive government policies, such as mask mandates and mandatory shutdowns, can stop an aerosolized coronavirus.

Science is a method that deals in experimentation and theory, not a dogma of universal truth. It is not a bludgeon which one can rightly use to stifle dissent. Whether the topic is policies that steal our liberty in the name of slowing the spread of a pandemic, or stymieing economic freedom in order to play God with the global environment, “Science” has been touted as the definitive trump card that proves the Left’s political point.

This weaponization of “Science” is an abuse of the genuine scientific method. It is intellectually lazy political bullying, designed to silence debate and short-circuit our Constitutional political processes. When scientists permit their good names to be employed in crass politics, they bring discredit upon themselves and their institutions.

Life is more complicated than any single ideology. Actual science does not “prove” any political point. Intelligent and well-informed people of good-will can be found on every side in the political battles of our time. Security cannot be purchased by sacrificing freedom. When politicians cannot control nature, they often resort to try to control us. This, we must resist!


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