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DALTON: Complaints ring hollow

| December 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Dalton Gardens is at it again-those dang deer! Just why did any of you move to Dalton Gardens? You don’t want the deer, the trees, traffic going through your little world — WHY didn’t you move to a subdivision on the prairie? No deer, no trees, very little through traffic, everything you want supposedly.

But you did come to Dalton Gardens where you took over the deers’ homes and now you want to kick them to the curb. You want your pie and eat it too! I live in the forest, I have deer, we get along, it is called fences, people.

Most of you have almost half a football field in front of your homes and now you don’t want through traffic. My Lord!

I have the solution for Prissy Dalton Gardens: Build a 7-foot privacy fence around your kingdom. Leave one opening for all of you to come onto our streets. Start a human chain in the farthest corner and march to the entrance, military style, escorting all the wildlife out. They will find new homes even though you did steal theirs. They are more forgiving than you!

Lock your gate and voila, you have a deer-free, traffic-free kingdom. Take care of all your own needs, fire department, even your own police but since only you live there, you would all obey your laws and not have much need for police.

Not sure what makes the people of Dalton Gardens so darn special that they can do what they want, when they want and the rest of us have to make do with the status quo. Oh if we all could be little Dalton Gardens!


Hayden Lake