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CHRISTIANS: Something to ponder

| December 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Christianity’s highest commandments: Love God. Love your neighbors as yourself.

We love God! Are we loving others as Jesus loves us?

If there is the slimmest possibility mask-wearing/distancing might save others from illness or death, why wouldn’t a Christian do it?

If mask-wearing/distancing may assist our health care heroes by slowing COVID, why wouldn’t a Christian do it?

If mask-wearing/distancing at church might provide an environment for immune-compromised families to attend, why wouldn’t a Christian do it?

Common reasons: Foggy glasses. Difficult breathing. Hot and spittie. Claustrophobic. Inhibits worship. Generates pimples.

Paul and Silas, thrown on the cesspool dungeon floor in stockades freshly beaten and whipped, worshiped God. 1-10, where does mask-wearing/distancing register?

Satan tempted Jesus to test God by tossing Himself into a valley saying His Heavenly Father would send angels to protect Him. Jesus answered, “Do not test the Lord God.”

Old saying: “Trust God and tie up your camel.” Trust in God’s care and utilize the means He provides.

Story: Christian trapped on roof during flood trusting God to save him. Help offered: person on a log, another in rowboat and one dropping a helicopter ladder. He refuses, “No thanks. God will save me.” He drowns and asks God why he didn’t save him. God cites the rejection of all three means He sent.

Are we tossing ourselves and others into harm’s way for God to send protection when choosing not to utilize available means? Is this testing God?

If any of the means available might help someone, why wouldn’t a Christian do it?


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