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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• At approximately 0927, Schaffer’s Towing returned back to Hayden Ave. and Huetter Rd. to remove the overturned pickup from last night's accident (20-51843), as it was no longer too dark or icy. Schaffer’s requested assistance with traffic control. (20-51869).

• A Deputy took a Harassment report at Marigold Ct. A male continues to harass the R/P by phone and on social media even though he was told months ago to leave her alone. The male has two non-extraditable KC warrants and it is believed he is in Spokane. (20-51885).

• A Deputy handled a Citizen Assist at Stinson Dr. A female had her ex-husband served with a TPO yesterday and therefore the male was unable to have his child visitation last night. It turns out the NCO was an unsigned Washington TPO application and not valid. The male was able to retrieve his children today after speaking to his attorney. The Civil Division was advised and the Deputy completed a FI (20-51884).

• A Deputy took a DVA Violation report at Reeves St. A male continues to send a female multiple texts, despite there being a Protection Order out of Lewiston between the two of them (20-51896).

• Deputies along with a CSO and a COP Volunteer responded to Prairie Ave. and Ramsey Rd. for a multi-vehicle accident. (20-51915).

• A Deputy handled a Citizen Assist at Woodlawn Dr. and Hedlund St. The R/P does not like his neighbor's wood pile and thinks it is an eye sore and wanted to KCSO to tell his neighbor to clean the property since Harrison City Officials will not. When the R/P was told we cannot do that he accused the neighbor of doing meth and wants SIU to conduct surveillance on the house (20-51880).

• A Deputy handled a Citizen Assist on Sunset Shores Circle. A homeowner is having problems with his HOA and was advised it was a civil matter and would likely need an attorney (20-51893).

• A Deputy took a Hit & Run report at the Casino. Based on surveillance video the Deputy was able to learn who was in the run vehicle. The suspect agreed to meet with the Deputy and he was issued his citation. (20-51887).

• A Deputy handled a Harassment at Four Winds Rd. The R/P tailgated a vehicle and then it followed him to his residence and displayed a placard stating something like, "Tailgating Inbred…Back Off." The vehicle, a white Suburban type vehicle, came back later and took off again and has not been back since (20-51912).

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to the area of Hwy 95 NB X N. of Garwood for a Suspicious Male subject pushing a stroller up the w.b. shoulder of the south lane of travel. On scene he attempted to speak with the male, however the male didn't stop to speak with him, and the male was not doing anything wrong. 20-51942

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle near Seltice X Elm and subsequently arrested a male for his Warrant. 20-51943

• Several Units from swing shift and graveyard shift, along with some P.F. units responded to a reported Fight at Showgirls involving 9 people. On scene, the fight had ended and during the investigation it was determined 4 people were filming inside the establishment, and then asked to leave by staff. Once asked to leave they became uncooperative and several batteries occurred. Three suspects were located and placed under Citizen's Arrest. A 4th female was UTL. 20-51975

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Wolf Lodge Creek Rd. and Alder Creek Rd. for a reported single vehicle crash with no one around the vehicle. The investigation determined this to be a slide off and not a crash. 20-51974

• Deputies responded to Triple Play for a disorderly couple who was intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Ultimately the couple contacted an Uber and left the establishment. 20-51978

• A Deputy responded to FSR 206 a couple miles from Ohio Match Rd. for a vehicle that went over the embankment. The registered owner of the vehicle had called a tow company to assist them, who in turn called KCSO. Contact was made with the driver of the vehicle and it was learned he lost control on the slick roadway and went over the embankment. He was not injured. 20-51979

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Benoit St. in Hayden for a citizen assist involving a missing 15 year old female from Spokane. The R/P reported his daughter missing in Spokane and wanted us to check his ex-wife's residence on Benoit St. The ex-wife was located with her daughter. During the investigation, the daughter was alleging physical abuse by her father in Spokane, which is why she ran away. Spokane County was notified and advised us not to collect daughter, as they wanted to investigate the alleged abuse. 20-51993

• Deputies responded to E. Lookout Dr. in Hayden for a family dispute between a father and his adult son. The argument was verbal and although the father wanted his son arrested for yelling at him, no crime was articulated. The father was provided with eviction information and the son said he was going to move out. 20-52003

• A Deputy handled a hit and run crash at N. Jacka Loop in Athol where an unknown suspect ran over a metal fence post. 20-51988

• A Deputy handled a property damage crash at 5448 S. Arrow Point Rd. Apt. C3301. 20-51998

• A Deputy handled a property damage crash at Bunco Rd. and McCoy Rd. 20-52001

• A Deputy handled a property damage crash at Prairie Ave. and Highway 95. 20-52008

• Several Deputies responded to the Hayden Wal-Mart for a male attempting to leave the store without paying for a shopping cart full of items. The male looked similar to one seen at recent Wal-Mart thefts in Spokane and Kootenai Counties over the past several days including all three Wal-Marts here. A second male was located by a U-Haul van which had been sitting in the parking lot since the morning. The males were contacted and identified and both were from Spokane Washington, who were in the middle of removing items from Wal-Mart without paying for them. They were caught with over $1200 worth of merchandise in the shopping cart. One of the males had a felony larceny warrant out of Spokane. A Deputy and his K9 partner Bailey alerted on the U-Haul Van, as one male was located concealing items under the wheel well. Drug paraphernalia was located in the van along with a suitcase containing several hundred dollars’ worth of stolen merchandise. Both males were booked on various drug charges, conspiracy to commit burglary, burglary, burglary tools, and grand theft. PFPD was notified about the theft suspects being located and identified, Spokane has not yet been notified. 20-52010

• Deputies responded to the Amerimart in PF for a vehicle vs. pedestrian crash where a 70 year old male was struck by a vehicle. He was not transported to the hospital. 20-52021

• A Deputy handled a missing person from the CDA Casino. A male was last seen at the Casino by his partner. The missing male made vague suicidal comments before departing last night. He is from Oregon and possibly not in the area anymore. An ATL was aired and a ping of his phone was made with negative results. 20-52002

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle in Corbin Park while conducting a security check. Upon contact he learned both of the occupants had warrants. Both were arrested for their petit theft warrants. 20-52039

• A Deputy responded to the Athol Super 1 for a detained shoplifter. A male was cited and released for petit theft and willful concealment after he admitted to stealing tools from the location and removing them from their packaging. 20-52033

• A Deputy located two juvenile girls hiding in the bushes on Riverbend near Pleasantview. Through her investigation she determined the two girls had snuck out of their residence on Elm St to meet their boyfriend, a sixteen year old who also snuck out, before they were intercepted. Another Deputy located the juvenile boyfriend nearby. Both deputies returned the juveniles to their respective parents who elected not to have the children charged as they would handle all disciplinary action within their family. 20-52055

• Deputies responded to an alarm at Hayden Meadows in which multiple "playground entry" trips were received by the alarm company. A check of the perimeter showed no signs of attempted entry or any other suspicious circumstances.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Razzle's for an unwanted male who was refusing to leave. The male was contacted and agreed to leave. An Uber arrived and transported him home. No crime. 20-52057

• Deputies responded to E. Highway 54 in Bayview for a suicide threat. An R/P called in and advised her friend's husband was on a boat and alleged he had a gun and was suicidal. While in route, it was learned the boat was in an enclosed boat slip on one of the docks and the male was alone on the boat. Contact was made with the reporting party and the male's wife. She claimed he had calmed down and was not suicidal. He was going to sleep off his intoxication. She did not want us to try and contact him in fear it would make things worse. Due to the fact all parties were separated and the male was alone on a boat, we did not push the issue and contact him. 20-52063

• A Deputy responded to the Sheriff's Office employee parking lot after a Detention Sergeant had contacted an intoxicated male inside the secured parking lot. The male was highly intoxicated and was given a ride home and warned about being in the secured lot. 20-52064

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Maple and Dakota in Hayden for a non-injury hit and run crash. An off duty Detention Deputy was on scene and followed the driver away from the vehicle as the driver tried to walk away on foot. The driver was found on foot a short distance from the crash and did not stop when initially told. The driver was detained and was highly intoxicated. He refused to cooperate with any SFST's or breath testing so he was charged with leaving the scene and DUI.

• A CSO responded to N. Massif Rd. near Rathdrum for a theft report. An R/P called to report his inflatable snowman decoration had been stolen from his front yard. However, he also reported a nicer, reindeer decoration had been left in its place. It appears someone in the neighborhood is playing pranks by switching decorations. Report completed.

• A malicious injury to property report was taken at N. Ainsworth. A rock was thrown through a vehicle window and the door was damaged. Nothing was taken from inside the vehicle.

• A Deputy took a theft of trespassing signs from S. North Cape Rd.

• Deputies responded to the area of W. Miles Ave for a report of a found child. The child had snuck out the side door of a church in the area and many church-goers were looking for the child. Child was re-united with the family.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to N Benoit St for a custodial interference. An R/P called to report his 15 year old daughter was refusing to leave with him for his scheduled custody time. Earlier in the day, the mother called Liberty Lake PD to report potential abuse occurring at the residence between the R/P and the child. The investigation was ongoing per their department, but they advised it did not arise to level of requiring emergency sheltering. This was discussed with all parties on scene, and the child chose to leave with the R/P. 20-52157

• Deputies responded to Nunn Road for a battery that had just occurred. On scene they located a female, who reportedly kicked another male in the chest. The victim was unable to be located. The female was found in a neighboring shed without shoes or adequate clothing. The female reportedly suffers from schizophrenia and bipolar disorder and refused to take her medication. She was taken to KH and placed on a PC hold. 20-52185

• Deputies responded to Sundown and Grandview for an unknown injury crash. On scene Deputies located a female standing outside the crash scene with her small child. When Deputies went to check on other occupants, the female ran with her child down the road away from the scene. Deputies chased her down to keep her from leaving. She was determined to be the driver and showed signs of intoxication and a subsequent investigation proved her to be intoxicated. After speaking with the occupants of the other vehicle and witnesses, it was learned the female was tailgating the other vehicle and struck them from behind. She then attempted to flee, with the child in the car, down the dead end road and slid down an embankment where the vehicle was wedged against a tree. She was charged for resisting/obstructing, leaving the scene of an accident, DUI Excessive and Injury to Child. During the impound of the vehicle, marijuana and paraphernalia was located. She was also charged for possession of marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. 20-52163

A Deputy responded to Walmart for an intoxicated male who was naked in the bathroom. On scene he contacted a male who was highly intoxicated. He stated he purchased a phone from the electronics section which he believed was now stolen. He said he was in the bathroom stripping down to locate his phone, however, it was learned through reviewing surveillance he never purchased or possessed a phone. The male was asked to leave, which he did. 20-52162

• A Deputy contacted a disabled vehicle at Lancaster and Ramsey. The passenger had an active misdemeanor warrant, which he was arrested on. 20-52168

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy responded to E. Lookout Drive for a report of a slide off. On scene he learned there was no damage to the vehicle or any adjacent property. He assisted with getting the vehicle back on the road and cleared the scene. 20-52182

Deputies responded to Curley's for an alarm call. A vehicle was located in the parking lot, however, the business was secured and there were no signs of forced entry.