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MASKS: Few in this store

| December 4, 2020 1:00 AM

Panhandle Health District recently imposed a mask mandate for North Idaho. I’ve generally seen improved compliance around Coeur d’Alene. Especially, in grocery stores like Albertsons and Pilgrims.

I walked into Super 1, Athol, around 1 p.m. Saturday to find the store filled with customers. I’d guesstimate more than 60 customers were inside the store and I counted fewer than 10 people wearing masks. This excludes employees who were mostly wearing masks. There was zero social distancing.

I felt unsafe. I recently lost my father-in-law to COVID and I have several health-comprised family members around me.

I became so upset after leaving the store that I called the manager from the parking lot. He explained to me that his employees were wearing masks and that met his obligation.

I asked about posting security at the entrance for a short period of time. Giving out masks and letting customers know the mandate would be enforced. The manager told me he wasn’t going to spend his day educating people and was fearful of having a gun pulled on him.

I’m in Post Falls and Coeur d’Alene frequently. I consistently shop at Albertsons, Pilgrim’s, Yoke’s and Super 1. Without question, Super 1 is consistently the biggest offender when it comes to supporting the wearing of masks. That includes multiple Super 1 locations. But, the biggest offender by far has been the Athol location.

Take a look for yourself and consider a story that will help bring light to the issue.


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