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DALTON: Leave deer in peace

| December 4, 2020 1:00 AM

I just have to answer the “dilemma” of the Dalton Deer situation.

First off, I will say, I love the deer. They are in my yard every evening. Beautiful and peaceful animals.

And to those who are complaining about them, and want to HUNT them for heaven’s sake, please be reminded the deer were residents in Dalton Gardens before people were. And Dalton Gardens was home to many orchards in the early 1900s — apples, pears, cherries, etc. And even though there are many homes now, some partial orchards still remain. But the deer … it’s natural for them to be here.

Many residents have put up tall fences around their gardens, and I am one to spray my flowers with “Deer Stopper” which is herbal, won’t hurt the deer, and in fact they don’t like the smell or taste. You could even FEED them — imagine that? They love apple and carrot peels, and Cenex sells deer chow, aka All Stock, feed.

I’m afraid that if this plan for bow-hunting is approved, we will have many hunters from outside the area coming in to hunt because the deer are so tame and would be an easy target.

My final thought on this: If you have moved into the Dalton area and you don’t like that the deer live here, you can move. But leave the deer alone.


Trinity Estates/Dalton

P.S. A good little booklet to read is “The Dalton Story,” by Marvin E. Shadduck. Available through the Museum of North Idaho.