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ABUSE: Prosecute it fully

| December 4, 2020 1:00 AM

I read in the paper this morning (Dec. 1) that another perpetrator of felony domestic violence was pled down to lesser crimes that absolve his record of any hint of domestic violence.

My daughter similarly was choked and assaulted by her (now ex-husband). She called 911 and had the entire event described and recorded by the 911 operator while it was happening, and the prosecutor’s office also pled those charges down to “disturbing the peace” — again, absolving the abuser of any criminal history of their abuse.

This is a travesty by the prosecutor’s office! Apparently, domestic violence is just “disturbing the peace” in Kootenai County, and our daughters should just be quieter while their abuse occurs so that it doesn’t “disturb the neighbors,” which is ironic of course, because screaming while you’re being choked is somewhat difficult.