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TAXES: Find the fair way

| December 2, 2020 1:00 AM

So in a recent paper we learned that our legislators are working hard trying to come up with more money especially for our county workers. In the great Republican state of Idaho it seems pretty simple to me — let’s do away with all those county jobs that infringe on our liberties and independence — Community Development pops right up as such a department.

Now to property taxes. Why is it that only property owners are taxed for schools, fire/EMS, and so on? I would wager that a rather significant number of property owners don’t have kids in schools and NIC. We know Republican state legislators refuse to adequately fund education so the county has been required to step in to support schools.

If we really want to have fair taxes, everyone in the county should pay their fair share — if you have school children pay for it — isn’t that what they have to do to attend private school?

Costs for fire and EMS should also be shared equally!

I would also support being taxed for additional infrastructure (roads, etc).

Now I realize that a countywide taxing system is probably against the law and the cost of implementing it would be ginormous. It just seems to me the current system is not at all fair to property owners and the non-property owners get a free ride!

There should be a better way.