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Police: Man tried to eat contraband

Staff Writer | December 2, 2020 1:00 AM

COEUR d’ALENE — An Oregon man who allegedly tried to conceal drugs in his jail cell and then eat the contraband is facing multiple felony charges.

Daniel S. Morgan, 34, is charged with trafficking heroin, possession of a controlled substance, possessing major contraband in a corrections facility, destruction or concealment of evidence and criminal possession of a financial transaction card, all felonies.

Police responded around 3 a.m. on Thanksgiving to a private lot where a vehicle was parked with its lights on.

The occupants were identified as Morgan and 44-year-old Julie A. Robinson. Police detained Morgan, who was reportedly wanted on a $20,000 warrant out of Multnomah County, Oregon.

A search of the vehicle allegedly yielded two canisters that contained marijuana, as well a pipe containing a crystalline substance that police said Morgan tried to conceal in the center console.

Police also found several financial transaction cards that did not belong to Morgan, according to court documents.

A purse in the car that belonged to Robinson allegedly contained a marijuana pipe and the remains of several joints.

Morgan and Robinson were both arrested at the scene.

Robinson is charged with possession of a controlled substance, a felony, and possession of drug paraphernalia, a misdemeanor. Judge Mayli Walsh ordered that she be held on $7,500 bail.

Police said jail staff saw Morgan attempt to conceal an item in his waistband during the booking process. Deputies took Morgan to the shower area to perform a strip search, according to court documents.

Morgan resisted and placed two plastic baggies in his mouth. Deputies used a stun gun to subdue him, according to court documents.

Police said the two baggies, as well as a third baggie that fell out of Morgan’s pant leg, contained heroin.

Judge Walsh ordered that Morgan be held on $100,000 bail.