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DINNER: An unexpected treat

| December 2, 2020 1:00 AM

To the young family who paid for our dinner at Olive Garden Friday night. We are truly thankful and grateful.

My husband and I were seated in the back of the restaurant, across from a family with about four children. My husband noticed how well-behaved the children were and had commented to me how sweet it was that the father was holding the infant to his chest. (As grandparents, we miss those days with the little ones.)

Our fantastic waiter, Tim, noticed my husband’s U.S. Navy hat and asked if he had been to Olive Garden for the free veterans dinner. We told him we had not, but would next year.

Upon payment, Tim told us that the family had covered our dinner, but we realized they had already left the restaurant. What a wonderful surprise! We don’t know why we were the chosen ones, but are thinking Veterans Day? A time for giving? Maybe they overheard the conversation about Olive Garden offering free dinner to vets? Maybe they liked the U.S. Navy hat? Maybe they like grandparents? Maybe they were just wonderful giving people?

Whatever the reason, if you are reading, THANK YOU from the bottom of our hearts! We are truly grateful for your thoughtful act of kindness and will never forget this surprise! We have great people here in North Idaho, and plan to follow your footsteps and “pay it forward.”