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Sheriff's Blotter

| December 1, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies and medical personnel responded to Silver Meadows Loop for an unconscious 10-month old baby. The baby was awake and crying by the time medical personnel arrived and prior to LE arriving. Medical transported the baby to KH for an evaluation. The nature of the reason was believed to be medical and nothing suspicious was noted. 20-50873

• Deputies responded to W. Riverbend Ave. in Post Falls to contact a female for detectives. The female was the passenger in the pursuit of the stolen vehicle from the other night. Once located, Detectives responded and interviewed the female. She was booked into jail for possession of stolen vehicle and drugs while she awaits further fugitive charges from other jurisdictions. 20-50878/ (original 20-50451)

• Deputies responded to E. Lancaster Rd. for a family dispute between a 74 year old and his 36 year old son. 20-50895

Deputies responded to Higgens Point for a male allowing his dog to chase people. Units were UTL. 20-50896

• Deputies responded to Honeysuckle Ave. and Ramsey Rd. for a property damage hit and run crash involving a Walmart truck, a power pole, and a stop sign. The driver was located at Walmart and after initially denying involvement, admitted to taking the turn too sharp. He was cited. 20-50899

• A Deputy responded to Fighting Creek for a theft involving two cans of beer with a male and female suspect. 20-50901

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Hauser Lake Rd. X Campfire Ct. for a reported vehicle into a tree Property Damage Crash. On scene there was no one around, and a call to the R.O. went unanswered. Vehicle towed by Schaffer's. 20-50929

• A Deputy responded to a two vehicle Property Damage Crash on Honeysuckle west of Hwy 95. The driver of an orange avalanche apparently, and inadvertently, put his truck in reverse and front-ended the Subaru Impreza behind him. Non-reportable. 20-50931

• A Deputy responded to N. Hamlet Trl. reference a possible Custodial Interference issue that occurred in CDA. The RP advised his girlfriend was not going to return their child in common. CDAPD did a Welfare Check on the child, and the child was fine. Upon contact the female half began making statements that she was the victim of Domestics at the Hamlet address. Reports were completed. 20-50930

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Chase Rd. and Fisher Ave. He contacted the driver and her passenger. The driver was discovered to have her driver's license suspended out of Pennsylvania. A Deputy and his K9 partner were requested to assist with the stop. Numerous items of paraphernalia, a small amount of methamphetamine and marijuana were located as well as a prescription pill (Gabapentin). The passenger was cited and released for possession of marijuana. The driver was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia and possession of a prescription drug without a prescription. When she was removed from the patrol car at the jail, methamphetamine was observed spread all over the back seat and door. Another baggie of methamphetamine was also located on her person during the search at the jail. She received additional charges of attempting to conceal evidence and introducing major contraband into the jail. 20-50944

• A Deputy responded to W. Seltice Way for a citizen dispute. An R/P called in to advise her son was "flipping out". The investigation revealed that the two got into an argument and at some point, the son broke a mirror belonging to the R/P. She did not wish to pursue charges and adult son left the residence. 20-50948

• Deputies along with Troopers from ISP responded to W. Red Tailed Hawk Ln. to assist CDA Tribal PD on a domestic that was originally reported to be an assault with a knife. Tribal Police handled the call.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E. Higher Ct. in Cataldo for a domestic dispute between female and male. The male learned of female’s recent infidelities and responded by slamming her head on the ground and sticking his firearm in her face. The male was later located on I-90 driving westbound and arrested for aggravated assault. 20-51009

• A Deputy handled a property damage crash at the intersection of Greensferry Rd. and Prairie Ave. 20-50995

• A Deputy handled a vehicle theft at W. Highland Dr. involving a 1967 VW Bug. 20-50987

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle at the Kidd Island dumpsters and as a result of his investigation, arrested a male for possession of marijuana and methamphetamine. 20-50967

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Windy Bay Rd. for a reported Weapon Offense; possible poaching. On scene they contacted two licensed hunters who were hunting legally. 20-51026

• Deputies responded to a reported wanted subject near E. 16th. Ave. On scene they contacted a male in a truck near the above address. He was taken into custody for his warrant. #20-51033

• Deputies responded to an Unknown Injury Crash reported at Prairie X Government. The witness advised the male driver appeared to be attempting to leave. A few minutes later, a Deputy arrived on scene, and located a blue passenger car partially in the street on Wayne, east of the Tipsy Pine Bar area. A male ignored commands to stop as he started walking away from the area of the crashed car. Deputies located the male near the rear entrance of the bar and detained him for investigation of DUI. Fire/EMS was requested to the scene for a patient eval on the male. After being cleared by medical a Deputy arrested the male for Felony DUI, and transported him to PSB. 20-51037

• A Deputy responded to a reported two vehicle crash on Hayden X Lakeview. On scene it was found to be non-reportable. Swap card completed. 20-51042

• Deputies responded to a reported Family Dispute at N. Parkridge Rd. near Athol. On scene Deputies investigated and found all three people interviewed admitted involvement, however none of them were desirous of charges. CV report 20-51043

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E. Cape Horn Rd. for a family dispute. Two subjects got into an argument over how one of them raises their kids. This resulting in someone getting slapped. No one wanted to pursue charges. 20-51051

• A Deputy took a cold domestic battery report from N. 15th St. The R/P called and advised her ex-boyfriend had grabbed her by the shirt while they were in an argument about his infidelity with his current girlfriend. No one wanted to pursue charges. 20-51055

• Deputies responded to S. Fairmont Loop for a welfare check/911 hang up. A male appeared to be intoxicated, called 911 and believed dispatch to be his phone company. When Deputies arrived, he was not friendly and told them to go “kill themselves”. Other than being drunk, the male was fine and units cleared the scene. 20-51057

• Several Deputies responded to N Sage Ln. for a stalking. An R/P called to say her ex-boyfriend, was stalking her and hiding in her vehicle. The investigation later revealed she called the male, met up with him, picked him up, drove him to her residence and allowed him to sleep in her car. The male was contacted in the vehicle and when taking him out of the vehicle, a meth pipe fell on the ground. The male is on felony probation and a search was conducted. In his backpack a Deputy located heroin and more paraphernalia. He was arrested for possession of a controlled substance, possession of paraphernalia, and an Agent's Warrant issued by his probation officer. The R/P was warned about filing a false report. 20-51059

• Numerous Deputies responded to Showgirls for a reported malicious injury to property. An R/P called in to advise a male had punched out his head light. While units were en-route, it was relayed there was a group of males, related to this incident, physically fighting across the street. There was also mention that someone had pulled a gun. As units came into the area, dispatch relayed the suspect vehicle left E/B on Seltice Way driving in the W/B lanes. A Patrol Sergeant located the suspect vehicle and stopped it on Beck Rd. and Expo Parkway. Several PFPD and ISP units arrived to assist with a felony stop. The driver, and his two passengers, were all ordered out of the vehicle and detained without incident. The driver was bleeding significantly from his hand, but no one could advise how his injury happened. None of the occupants observed a gun being used or brandished in this incident. The victim of the original malicious injury identified the driver as who had punched his head light (causing his cut), but did not want to pursue charges. No one wanted to pursue charges for battery either. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication and failed SFST's. He provided breath samples of .283/.266. He was arrested for excessive DUI. A small amount of cocaine was located on his person and prescription Hydrocodone's as well. He was also charged with possession of a controlled substance. He was taken to the hospital and received a couple stitches for his injury before being booked at the jail 20-51064/20-51067

• Deputies responded to N. Pristine Circle in the city of Rathdrum at the request of Rathdrum PD to handle a crash as their units were tied up. Upon arrival, it was learned a white 2001 Honda Accord had struck a large cement block pillar/mail box at the location, completely destroying the mail box and totaling the vehicle. The driver (14 YOF) advised she took the vehicle, which belongs to her mother, from her residence and went to pick up her passenger, a (14 YOM). They drove around a little bit and as she was negotiating a corner, a vehicle parked on the side of the road startled her and she lost control of the vehicle. The driver does not have a driver's license and received minor injuries. The passenger was uninjured. Contact was made with driver’s mother who advised the juvenile has done this before. She wished to pursue charges so the juvenile was arrested for operating a motor vehicle without consent (felony) and inattentive driving. She was transported to JDC. 20-51070

• A Deputy responded to Highway 95 and Summer Mill Rd. at the request of ISP to handle a non-injury vehicle vs elk crash. The elk was dispatched due to its injuries. 20-51070

It was an extremely busy shift. Special thanks to swing shift for holding over assisting with calls and coverage.

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A CSO handled a theft of fuel from the Liberty Stop and Go. The fuel stolen was from one of the underground tanks and the approximate amount was $50.00. 20-51083

• Deputies responded to a citizen dispute at N. Boysenberry Loop where a male was riding his motorcycle up and down the street causing a resident to confront him. A verbal argument ensued and both males referenced grabbing their firearms. No charges were filed and all parties were trespassed from each other's properties (neighbors). FI completed. 20-51098

• Deputies responded to the Rathdrum Mountain Park (Rathdrum Mountain Rd. and Nelson Loop) for a weapons offense involving a male who heard gun shots and thought he was going to be shot. The male laid on the ground until Deputies arrived. Deputies arrived and led the male to safety. The gun shots he heard were coming from a nearby shooting pit and he was not in danger. 20-51097

• A Deputy handled a malicious injury to property at N. Colfax St in DG where a sign was taken from the RP's yard and used to damage the mailbox. 20-51104

• A Deputy responded to Highway 95 and Garwood for a two vehicle injury crash. SO units handled traffic control while ISP handled the crash. 20-51111

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E. Coeur d'Alene Lake Dr. for a Suicidal Subject. On scene they contacted a male his pickup truck. He was intoxicated and became uncooperative and started swinging at Deputies. The male was taken to the ground where he calmed down for a period, but then became uncooperative again. After being check on by Fire/EMS personnel, Deputies transported the male to KH and placed him on an Involuntary Hold. 20-51118

• A Deputy responded to the area of Diagonal Rd. X Ramsey Rd. for a reported Traffic Hazard (vehicle on the tracks). While in route the RP called back and stated the vehicle was no longer on the tracks, and was now parallel to tracks, and the driver was speaking with train staff. Apparently, the train was able to come to a stop prior to striking the vehicle. NFI 20-51128

• Deputies responded to the 4000 Blk. of E. Sky Harbor Dr. for an Unknown Injury Crash. It was reported a vehicle was backing out of a driveway in the area, and accidentally went too far going approximately 20 feet over the embankment. When Deputies arrived on scene, there was no injury, and the incident occurred on private property. 20-51130

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Hauser Lake Rd. and Matheson Rd. after an R/P called in and advised his father had sent several SOS text messages, which gave a map of his current location. Once in the area, no one was located initially. Deputies were approached by a vehicle and the driver advised he was the father and was OK. He was having issues with his phone. 20-51151

• Numerous Deputies responded to W. Hillsdale Rd. for a reported physical domestic. Dispatch relayed the male-half had grabbed a shotgun and racked it during this incident. While Deputies were in route, it was reported the male had left the residence in his vehicle and took the shotgun with him. His wife, was barricaded in a room within the residence. As Deputies were in the area, looking for the male, dispatch relayed he had come back to the residence and was inside. After he went inside, he secured the shotgun and sat on the couch. Contact was made with the male and he was detained without incident. The investigation revealed the two got into an argument earlier in the day, he slapped her buttocks and took her phone. He later gave her phone back and another argument ensued. The male then grabbed a shotgun, racked a round in it and put the shotgun under the female’s chin. She was able to get away and got her phone to call 911. The male was arrested/charged by for aggravated assault and domestic battery and malicious injury to property. 20-51153

• Deputies responded to N. Audubon Dr. for a domestic where a male and female had a verbal argument. Contact was made with the parties and the male initially was not cooperative and would not come out of the residence. After a brief conversation, the male exited the residence to speak to Deputies. It was determined the incident was verbal only and nothing physical occurred. An FI was completed. 20-51154

• A citizen dispute call came in during the other two domestics at E. Seltice Way. Dispatch relayed an R/P called in to advise he had a gun pointed at him at the residence and had left on foot. Post Falls PD was requested to assist and make contact until Deputies could get freed up. Deputies arrived a short while later. It was learned the R/P had allegedly been invited to the residence by a female. Another male and the female have been together for nearly 30 years, though they are not married. They do have children in common and female stays at the residence frequently. According to the R/P, he and female have been seeing each other for some time and he has been invited to the residence by her on several occasions, without the knowledge of the other male. During this incident, the R/P and female got into an argument and she told the R/P she was going to yell for the other male that there was an intruder in the residence, which she did. The other male grabbed his handgun and chased the R/P off the property. The other male never pointed the firearm at the R/P. The Female could not be contacted for a statement because she left the residence prior to our arrival due to having a warrant. No crime could be articulated and an FI was completed. 20-51155

Another busy shift and thanks again to swing shift for holding over and assisting with calls and coverage.