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Dalton workshop tonight on deer hunting

Staff Writer | December 1, 2020 1:00 AM

The Dalton Gardens City Council will hold a workshop, teleconference only, at 5 tonight to continue talks on whether to allow bow hunting of deer in some areas within city limits.

A regular council meeting is set to begin at 6.

Last month, the council considered a deer-hunting ordinance, but tabled it to receive more public input.

The deer population has long been a problem, but it has grown to the point where something must be done, city officials said. Deer are starving, being struck by vehicles, and getting caught in fences, and it’s not humane to let it continue.

However, many citizens opposed the plan during the Nov. 6 meeting.

“There’s no justification to hunt in city limits,” said Jamie Smith, a Dalton Gardens resident.

The ordinance would allow archery hunting of deer “for proper game management” consistent with state regulations.

In part, it calls for:

  • The city would establish a list of property owners within the city limits who would permit hunting on their property.
  • The city would establish a permit for those who would like to archery hunt in city limits, and would charge an administrative fee for the permit.
  • Archery hunting shall not occur across or within any public right of way or within 50 feet of the nearest border of a right of way.
  • A bow and arrow or crossbow must be discharged from an elevated stand and discharged downward toward the ground, or from a ground blind.

Some action items on the agenda for the regular council meeting include: termination of local emergency declaration for COVID-19; discussion and resolution demonstrating the council’s commitment to reduce through traffic in Dalton Gardens; and discussion of partial closures on northbound Fourth Street at Dalton Avenue, southbound Fourth Street at Prairie Avenue, and northbound 15th Street at Dalton Avenue.