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Business is booming in Rathdrum

Staff Writer | December 1, 2020 1:07 AM

RATHDRUM — Three new businesses have popped up in Rathdrum recently, offering organic coffee, music lessons and floral arrangements.

Jeff and Amanda Gambrino offer private and group lessons. Through Rathdrum Main Street Music's downtown location and Jeff's experience, the duo couldn't be more excited to open.

"It's one of those things where we've been talking about it for a long time on and off," Amanda Gambrino said. "It seemed like good timing to act on it."

Jeff Gambrino, a band and choir teacher at Timberlake High School and junior high, has spent years coaching brass and saxophone ensembles and vocalists. Amanda's love of music has also focused her music talents into volunteering in music ministry at church and working with children.

"We love music, so this is a fun way to connect with the community more and get to know people through that," she said. "It's important for communities to have music outlets, and it's such a great thing to have available for kids and people to continue their music education."

It is located at 7897 Main St.



Adding some color to the city is Shauna Herman, the owner and instructor at Creative Expressions. Her do-it-yourself floral arrangement courses just started Oct. 24, but Herman plans to make her flowers into much more.

"I'm hoping to open a floral coffee house because Rathdrum seriously needs that kind of place," she said. "Once I get a building, I'll be able to sell grab-and-go flowers and create a place that people can relax and hang out."

She held her first couple of classes at the Rathdrum Senior Center, but now she's moving to the H&R Block building next to Super 1 on Westwood Drive.

"There is so much laughter and joy," she said. "I love seeing these creations come alive at the center of their tables, and it's all beautifully designed."

Creating floral arrangements was a passion for Herman straight out of high school when she designed her wedding bouquets. After hearing positive feedback from her guests, Herman went to school for greenhouse nursery and design.

"I worked in a floral department for a major grocery store for four to five years and won several awards," she said. "I loved it, but I decided to table it for a couple of years while I took care of my kids."



Hasani Coffee Co. is one of Rathdrum's only non-chain coffee shops within city limits. The all-organic, all-natural roasters opened in September.

Besides hot and iced brews, Hasani Coffee Co. also serves lotus energy drinks and fresh-baked desserts with vegan, dairy-free, and gluten-free options.

Hasani Coffee Co. is at 14780 N. Highway 41, open Monday through Saturday from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.


Upcoming on December 19, Shauna Herman with Creative Expressions is hosting back-to-back classes where customers will create a fresh flower arrangement identical to this red truck. Photo courtesy Shauna Herman with Creative Expressions.


Jeff and Amanda Gambrino are the proprietors of Rathdrum Main Street Music, teaching children and adults through private and group lessons. Photo courtesy Amanda Gambrino.