Wednesday, April 24, 2024

RACISM: Time for its demise

| August 30, 2020 1:00 AM

There has been immense angst with the current atmosphere and fast-paced global events of uncertainty that became the powder keg waiting to be lit. George Floyd’s death was the spark for America. Wisconsin’s recent event only added salt to the open wound.

The misfortune in this all is not the cause and aftermath of the riots themselves but the realization that almost 50 years since Watts Riots and Rodney King, we have seemingly been derelict in closing the gap between the Two Americas that Martin Luther King spoke of in 1964. Even four years after his speech, a warning was uttered that “We’ve got some difficult days ahead” in his last speech in 1968. He couldn’t know that even now we would as a nation still be in a constant struggle with racism throughout the balance wheel of time.

We must take active steps, both local and national directives, that can heal and close the wounds that have been reopened and damaged while bringing about the support and spotlight for public policy to bring about a new charge that will transform and end ill practices and perceptions in minority America while paving the road to a new future, a more equitable and hopefully truly a more unified America.


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