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Sheriff's Blotter

| August 28, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the SO front lobby regarding a cold Domestic Battery that occurred on Elder road. Deputies contacted both parties and based on the investigation the female was charged with Domestic Battery. 20-36381

• Deputies responded to an injury crash on Wyoming and Government. 20-36430

• Deputies responded to Ramsey and Tumbleweed for a non-injury crash 20-36438

• Deputies responded to Greensferry and 12th for a non-injury crash 20-36418

• A Deputy responded to Walker and Miles for a Hit and Run crash. While on scene he received another hit and run crash which occurred on Sunview Dr. After completing his first investigation he responded to his second call. While on scene of the Sunview call, he learned that the RP’s boyfriend’s mother at about 0200 had got drunk and took the vehicle on a Joy Ride and got into the crash. She left the scene and returned back the Sunview address. The Deputy completed the report and charged the mother with several violations. 20-36375/20-36396

• A Deputy located a wanted person at a residence in Post Falls and arrested on his outstanding warrant. 20-63403

• Deputies assisted Detectives with arresting a male, after the male fled on a bicycle and was taken into custody via Taser application. Medical responded and was convinced the male was suffering a medical issue (unresponsive). The male was cleared at KH but continued to fake being unresponsive and was transported to PSB. He was booked for failing to register as a sex offender and for resisting arrest. When arrested, he had a credit card in his pocket. It was learned it was stolen and had been used fraudulently. Deputies were working with the victim to obtain information for future charges.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Several Deputies responded to E. Iowa for a reported Missing 3 year old female. The parent on scene thought she had gone with another relative to the store. The first incoming Deputies went immediately to the residence to begin a primary search. They located the child in an upstairs bathroom on the floor. She was laying down taking a nap and was fine. 20-36488

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputy contacted a driver on a traffic stop in Garwood. During the stop, methamphetamine and other drugs/paraphernalia were located. The driver was arrest for drug charges. 20-36551.

• Deputies contacted a male on a traffic stop in the Stateline. He was arrested for his misdemeanor drugs warrant and issued citations for mara para. 20-36556.

• Deputies contacted a male on a traffic stop in Post Falls. During the stop, marijuana and paraphernalia were located. He was cited and released. 20-36573.

• Deputies responded to Tony's Restaurant for a disturbance. A male was called in by a friend after he jumped out of vehicle, was chasing cars and wanting to kill himself. During the male’s psychological event, he kicked out the upper rear window of Tony's before being detained by assisting CDAPD units. He was taken on a protective custody hold and cited for mal injury, resisting, and public intoxication. 20-36577.

• Deputies responded to the area of Shoshone x Clagstone for possible distraught male. Once located, it was determined he was only depressed about relationship drama. He was left in the care of his aunt. 20-36576.

• Deputies responded to N Avondale Lp. for runaway juvenile report. Deputies were unable to locate the juvenile and she was entered NCIC. 20-36584.