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BIDEN: Wrong for Idaho, U.S.

| August 28, 2020 1:00 AM

I grew up in Idaho.

In response to “Biden Popular with Idaho Women? You Bet!” Press article Aug. 18, 2020: Christa Hazel believes there needs to be “more competition between political parties” in Idaho. What? People flock here due to tyrannical policies of cities and states they flee — policies closing churches while casinos and bars are open… policies pushing to defund police…policies allowing rioters, pretending to be “protesters,” to destroy private businesses and federal property. If Hazel believes we need this type of “political competition,” a move to Oregon, New York, California or Nevada should energize her.

Group founder Richardson states: “He (Biden) shares their values and their ideals.” Please research the Biden Harris platform. These are NOT Idaho ideals. These women are “enthusiastic” for an un-American, leftist and socialistic agenda. A moderate group? Let’s just say lipstick on a pig.

People come to Idaho for its beauty and lifestyle. Recent masses pouring in desperately desire the freedom in Idaho…less government overreach, regulation and taxation. Parks and businesses open and a mask mandate (by a non-elected board) not enforced by law enforcement because they work to serve and protect, not monitor.

It won’t take long for this group (and newcomers who vote just like they did “back home”) to destroy what makes this state unique, welcoming and livable! A range of political views are welcome. However, the modern Democrat, prescribing to the DNC platform, supports policies that are destroying states across America. Just say no.


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