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Wanted: Publisher’s advisory council members

| August 27, 2020 1:06 AM

The Coeur d’Alene Press is seeking subscriber input to help shape its content and coverage, Regional Publisher Clint Schroeder said.

“We want to hear what our North Idaho neighbors have to say about their local newspaper,” Schroeder said. “The more ideas and opinions we can bring to the table, the better product we can deliver to the community it serves.”

In 2019 the Press launched two advisory councils: One made up of students, and the other, open to all ages.

“It has truly been an honor working with both councils over the past 12 months," Schroeder said. "The dynamic makeup of these two groups helped shape the direction of the Press, and their contributions have been relevant and vital, especially during these unprecedented times.”

Each group meets with Schroeder and other members of the newspaper’s management team on a regular basis. In addition, advisory council members will tour the printing plant and be invited to attend periodic news meetings, when editors plan the next day’s edition. They also help guide the Press’s online assets and breaking news app.

No newspaper or writing experience is required.

“A good newspaper ought to tell its readers what’s going on in their town,” Managing Editor Mike Patrick said. “Most days, we tell the public what that news is. The advisory council helps turn the tables and let our readers tell us what they would like to see. We’re interested in their critiques, and we’d like to hear their suggestions.”

We are currently seeking to add 5-10 members to the general council, and 10-15 new student council members.

Subscribers, readers and community members interested in serving a one-year term on the Publisher’s Advisory Council, and who are willing to devote 3-5 hours a month, should send an email with their name, contact information and a brief statement of interest to cschroeder@hagadone.com.

Students should include a letter of recommendation from a teacher or school administrator. In addition to providing input about the paper’s coverage, student advisory council members will have the chance to shape it. They’ll work with a professional journalist or advertising representative to learn more about careers in journalism, including digital media.

The deadline for applications is Sept. 7.