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New Idaho golden trout catch-and-release record set

| August 27, 2020 1:00 AM

A central Idaho angler holds the latest Gem State catch-and-release record for golden trout.

Joseph Putnam Evan of North Carolina visited a mountain lake in Central Idaho Central last month when he caught the 19.7-inch golden trout, according to Idaho Fish and Game.

Evans and his wife were vacationing July 20 when they hiked to Pass Lake in the Lost River Range where Evans caught the golden trout - which are stocked in the lake - using a wet fly on spinning tackle.

Golden trout are not a native Idaho species. Instead they live naturally at high elevation streams and lakes in California’s southern Sierra Nevada mountains.

Golden trout have been introduced to several backcountry alpine lakes throughout the Gem State including in North Idaho’s Forage, Parker and Smith lakes to provide more fishing opportunities. - Staff