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Sheriff's blotter

| August 26, 2020 12:00 AM

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Santiago Cir. for a welfare check. A male was acting strange and appeared to be having some type of medical problem. Medical responded and it was determined the male was in fact having a medical issue and was transported via ambulance to KH.

Evening and Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Carpenter Loop for a residential burglary were a safe was stolen. 20-36115

• Deputies responded to W. H Street for a harassment complaint. The R/P said his friend’s estranged husband was on scene harassing him and the female. Tribal Police have been dealing with the parties for the past few days. No crime occurred this time and the estranged husband was given a courtesy ride to Coeur D’ Alene. Tribal Police took primary. 20-36075

• Deputies responded back to W. H Street in Worley for a domestic dispute. The female said her estranged husband returned to the residence after being taken to Coeur D’ Alene by deputies earlier in the shift. He woke her up and was saying he wants to serve her divorce paperwork. The female wished to place male under citizen’s arrest for domestic battery and stalking (2nd degree). The male was arrested and transported to PSB. 20-36114

• A Deputy stopped a male at Beck X Prairie and charged him for DUI (.215/.184/.193) 20-36129

• Deputies responded to citizen dispute at Hauser Lake boat launch. An R/P reported a group of juveniles had put their hands on his juvenile daughter. Upon arrival deputies learned this was an ongoing problem between groups of juveniles taking turns pushing each other off the docks. Deputies completed an FI. 20-36085

• Deputies responded to a two vehicle non injury property damage crash at Honeysuckle X Government Way. 20-36086

• Deputies responded to E. Shoshone Ave for a missing person. An elderly female walked out the front door approximately 1 hour prior to being reported missing. It was reported the female suffers from advanced dementia. The female returned to the location on her own. Deputies completed an incident report and provided the family with some information about how to protect family members with dementia. 20-36127

• A Deputy stopped and arrested a male driver for DUI (Refusal). 20-36092

• Deputies stopped and arrested a female on her warrant for resisting/obstructing and contempt of court. 20-36162