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Myrna Reid

| August 26, 2020 12:00 AM

Myrna Reid passed away on Aug. 10, 2020. She was born Myrna Sue Kackmeister in Valentine, Neb., Dec. 22, 1938, to parents Walter Glenn Kackmeister and Mina Clara La Haye. Her younger sister, Charlotte, was born four years later. She attended Todd County High School in Mission, S.D. After graduating from high school, she attended beauty school in Sioux City, Iowa.

Myrna married William Lien on July 27, 1958. The couple lived in Sioux City for a period of time where their daughter, Cindy, was born in 1959. Soon after they moved back to Todd County, where their son, Kallan, was born in 1960.

Myrna enjoyed employment as a cosmetologist and opened her own beauty shop in Mission. She was very successful and enjoyed the business greatly.

In 1964, Bill and Myrna moved to Sandpoint, Idaho, in the Selle area. One of the first weeks they lived there Myrna was at home with the kids and there was a bear and it scratched on the door and really scared her.

In 1966, they moved into Sandpoint on Lavina street. Myrna worked at Washington School, tutoring children who were behind in reading, and volunteered as a Brownie Scout leader. She was very imaginative and artistic with her ideas for projects for the Brownie Scouts. She enjoyed that time of her life very much.

In 1968 they moved out to their Selle home. Myrna enjoyed her huge garden, fruit trees, canning, baking and making anything she could think of from scratch. In 1971, Bill and Myrna welcomed their daughter, Carina, to the family.

Around that time, Myrna was introduced to the truth of the Bible. She was baptized as one of Jehovah’s Witnesses in 1974. She happily shared the good news with everyone she encountered for the remainder of her life. Her love for nature, the earth, growing things and animals brought so much pleasure to her. She had a firm faith to live forever on a paradise earth as God’s purpose states. That faith was the highlight of her life.

Bill and Myrna moved back into Sandpoint and lived for many years on Forest Street. There they shared their hospitality, her wonderful cooking and their large home with many of their friends and family. In 1995, Bill retired from Louisiana Pacific and they moved to Nebraska. In 1997, Myrna moved back to Sandpoint.

On March 15, 2003, Myrna married Larry Reid and they resided in Coeur d’Alene, Idaho. Together they enjoyed fishing at Kelso and Granite Lakes; Myrna especially loved being there in the spring, watching bluebirds and catching bass. Myrna and Larry also enjoyed traveling to the southern half of the United States and seeing the deserts bloom.

They loved helping others understand the Bible and spending time with their friends in the Congregation of Jehovah’s Witnesses. Myrna also enjoyed her close friendship with her former daughter-in-law, Vicki (Bricker) Robinson. The pair loved to shop, especially for flowers, and going to lunch and laughing.

Myrna’s last years were very happy. She enjoyed her deck garden as well as scenic drives with Larry in North Idaho’s beautiful surroundings.

In 2016, her granddaughter, Rachel, moved in with Myrna and Larry to assist them. Myrna taught her many things about housekeeping and cooking. They enjoyed their time together and brought each other much joy.

Myrna is survived by her loving husband, Larry Reid; her children Cindy (Steve) Lockwood, Kallan (Arnida) Lien and Carina (David) Winget; grandchildren Sasha Crannell, Sara Pearson, Melissa Lien, Jordan Lien, Rachel Winget, David Winget and Hannah Winget; great-grandchildren Michael Bryce, Geneva Durgan, Tanner Best, Bridger and Parker Lien. Her sister, Charlotte Adkins and her parents and great-grandson, Jayde, preceded her in death.