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Sheriff’s Blotter

| August 25, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies assisted PFPD with an alarm call. Deputies located an open door and a K9 conducted a search of the building. The call was then handed over to Post Falls.

• There were parking issues at Mica Bay Boat Launch and Spirit Lake Boat Launch

• Deputies assisted with traffic control at Boekel and Hwy 95. ISP handled the 5 vehicle/1 boat/1 bicycle injury crash.

• Deputies took a DVA violation at N. Camp Ct. A male had been texting a female against a valid NCO.

• Deputies responded to a welfare check at S. Carpenter Loop Rd. After an investigation it was determined to be a misunderstanding and everyone was fine. Units cleared with an FI.

Evening and Night shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Lighthouse Rd X Dolliver Rd for a slide off. The R/P was attempting to turn around when she slid off the road and became high centered. It was learned it was only a slide off and non-reportable. A tow company pulled the vehicle from the ditch. 20-35928

• Deputies responded to a smoke shop in Worley for an assault/battery. A female walked into the store bleeding and having black eyes. This case was related to a battery Tribal Police are actively investigating from yesterday. Tribal Police took primary. 20-35942

• A Deputy stopped and arrested a female at Hwy 95 MP 424. She had a KCSO warrant for possession of narcotic equipment. Upon search of the vehicle several pieces of marijuana paraphernalia as well as a methamphetamine pipe. She was also charged this the new paraphernalia crime. 20-35957

• Deputies responded to Old Mission State Park for a domestic dispute. A passerby reported a male and female fighting at the docks. Upon Deputies arrival they were unable to locate or contact the possible people involved. 20-3595

• Deputies responded to Beauty Creek campground for a domestic dispute. Upon arrival, Deputies learned it was a citizen dispute and no crime was committed. 20-35981

• Deputies responded to E. Midtown Lane for a trespassing/unwanted subject. The R/P reported a female was inside her residence. She reported several clothing items and keys being stolen from the residence. Deputies contacted and arrested the female suspect for burglary and cited and released her for petit theft. 20-35927

• Deputies responded to Nettleton Gulch area for a missing person. A female was walking alone and got turned around. Deputies were able to get the female to Wyatt Road where they met her and given a courtesy ride to her vehicle. 20-35967