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ISSUES: Questions and calculations

| August 23, 2020 1:00 AM

As of Aug. 20, I checked Google for the facts on COVID-19 worldwide.

Kootenai County Population: 165,697: 23 Deaths = .000138%

Idaho Population: 1,787,000: 282 Deaths = .000157%

USA Population: 331,000,000: 174,000 Deaths = .000525%

World Population: 7,594,000,000: 700,000 Deaths = .0000921%

Gov. Brad Little shut down Idaho and Kootenai County.

The COVID-19 outbreak started in Wuhan, China. Blame President XI Jinxing of China for spreading COVID-19 all over the world. But the media blames it on Trump.

Questions to think about:

Defund the Police nationwide, Yes or No?

Want Socialism, Yes or No?

Live in Cuba, Venezuela, Yes or No?

Open borders, Yes or No?

How about our mandate to wear faces masks? Yes or No?

The City Council should take a stand and vote yes or no for wearing masks.

The City Council voted to approve the Hospital Urban Renewal District, 5 to 1. They voted to use Imminent Domain on residences and businesses, Yes or No?

The City Council should take a stand on the Correction Center, Yes or No?

It’s their responsibility to take a stand on these issues.

We will see on Nov. 3 the outcome.


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