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Sheriff’s Blotter

| August 21, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of Cd’A Lake Dr. near the Memorial Bridge for a suicide threat. A female had called a friend and reported she was looking at the bridge and contemplating jumping off as a result of marriage problems. Deputies located the female on a park bench and ensured she was OK. She was taken to the Crisis Center to talk to someone and get help.

• Detectives responded to an address in CDA in an attempt to locate a male who was a suspect in an eluding from the other day. He was located but ignored commands and went around a vehicle and opened the door and made furtive movements from his waistband and was observed tossing items inside. Methamphetamine was located inside of the vehicle. The male was charged with the new drug possession and for the prior eluding offense. 20-34993/20-35146

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Ramsey Rd X Lancaster Rd for a rolling domestic dispute. RP said a male and female were in a vehicle at the location and possibly in a domestic dispute. The female in the vehicle was trying to jump out while the vehicle was in motion. Deputies contacted a male who was in a verbal disagreement with his girlfriend. The male chose to get out of the vehicle and walk. The two were in a verbal disagreement only.

• Deputies handled a cold weapons offense at Hwy 41 X Hayden Ave. An R/P said a male in an older white Chevrolet SUV with no front bumper had road rage and “pulled a gun on her.” A report was completed as the vehicles was not able to be located.

• Deputies stopped a vehicle on Highway 58 at MP 2. The driver showed signs of intoxication. She failed SFST’s and provided a BrAC sample of .143/.137. She was charged with DUI. 20-35253

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Creative Way. During the contact, marijuana and paraphernalia were located in plain view. The driver admitted the items belonged to him and that he works at a marijuana dispensary. He was charged with the drug charges. 20-35273

• While conducting the traffic stop, the Deputy noticed a male trying to film the stop that was not related to the vehicle. Another Deputy had the same male trying to film his stop as well a short time earlier in Hayden. Contact was not made initially with the male, however through photographs, the Deputy was able to positively identify him as a male who had an active warrant for his arrest. After the warrant was confirmed, Deputies were able to make contact with male and arrest him on the warrant. 20-35285

• A Deputy stopped a golf cart on Miles Ave and Government Way for several traffic violations. He contacted the driver who admitted to drinking alcohol at a local bar and exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. The driver refused to complete the SFST’s and was arrested for DUI. Once at the jail, she refused to provide a breath sample. 20-35288