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LIFE: Definitely weird out there

| August 21, 2020 1:00 AM

Lately it feels like I’m losing my mind or have actually lost it. Reading the paper, watching the news on TV, watching big 4x4 trucks aggressively driving around town with big American flags flying, people flaunting and protesting a common sense order to wear a face mask and distance so that a virulent disease is somewhat kept in check.

Listening and watching a man on the news, with a strange hairdo and a limited vocabulary, spouting nonsensical but poisonous directives while behind the scenes trashing many of the institutions that do Make America Great, like our environmental agencies that have helped clean up our water, air and soil; also, putting the people in charge of those agencies that are in the industries that are regulated. Trashing our relationship with most of our allies in the rest of the world. Coaching our citizens to ignore our scientists and to rely on him because he “knows more” and is the “smartest person on Earth.” Calling anyone who has other ideas liberals, communists, anarchists, antifa and a number of other degrading monikers. Trying to stifle the vote because “he will lose if everyone is able to vote,” like the non-white, poor and elderly. All in all, take down all of the traditions that have made America Great.

Please dear Lord, is this a nightmare or am I just crazy?


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