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Sheriff’s blotter

| August 20, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls of the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to assist medical with an unconscious person, down near the construction site of the new school off Prairie Ave. Medical arrived on scene and took over care of the patient, no further action.

• Deputies responded to W. Prairie for a citizen dispute. An RP called in to report her daughter, daughter’s boyfriend, and ex-husband were trying to steal a TV from the property. After investigation, it was learned the ex-husband came to visit his two daughters that stay in separate houses on the property. While visiting the daughters, he decided to stay and has since overstayed his welcome. One of the daughters called her boyfriend to come and pick up the ex-husband, herself and her TV. An argument ensued between the parties about ownership of the TV. Ultimately the three were all trespassed and left with the TV.

• Deputies responded to N. Fantasy Loop with Kootenai County Code Enforcement. Panhandle Health and Code Enforcement were concerned with campers and additions to the house. Several warnings were issued and the “campers” were given until the end of August to vacate. It was confirmed no business license was in place for the “campground” and there were several health concerns.

Evening shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Cassicus Ct. for a trespassing/unwanted. The property owner reported a male in his 60’s along with his family was on his beach trespassing. Deputies contacted the male and his family and were trespassed from the property. 20-35013

• Deputies responded to Highway 97 X Wolf Lodge Bay Road for a citizen dispute. A male was camping at the location when the property owner showed up and started pounding on his camper door and told him he was trespassing and needed to leave. Both parties were arguing over whether the property was public or private. Central advised the property was private. The camper agreed to pack up and leave without incident. 20-35028

• Deputies responded to N. Teddy Loop for a missing person. The R/P said she laid down for a nap and woke up to check on her husband and he was missing. The male suffers from Parkinson’s disease and gets confused in the heat. Deputies located the male who was severely dehydrated and not fully conscious. Medical responded and transported the male to KH for treatment.

• Deputies responded to N. Old Highway 95 for a suspicious. The R/P said a female showed up and asked her to call 911. It was later learned that the female had just gotten out of prison and was on methamphetamine. She was hitchhiking, trying to get back home. Deputies provided the female a courtesy ride to her father’s residence and notified her probation officer of the incident. 20-35005

• Deputies arrested a male at Corbin X Echo for his warrant. 20-35059

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Units responded to a major injury crash on Highway 53 X Hidden Valley Rd. Deputies assisted with traffic control while ISP worked the crash. 20-35084

• Deputies stopped a vehicle driven by male and three juvenile females. He was contacted a month ago with a different underage juvenile. All of the juveniles were out without their parent’s permission and were reunited with their parents. The male was charged with mara/para after a plain view search was conducted and dab oil was found. 20-35081