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SOUZA: Column hits the bull’s-eye

| August 19, 2020 1:00 AM

I found the article beginning on the front page of the Sunday paper entitled SOLVING NOVEMBER to be long, rambling and confusing. But, thanks to Sen. Mary Souza’s article on page 3, the critical difference between mail-in voting and absentee voting was clarified.

I will reiterate for those who did not read her short, succinct article. Absentee voting has been available for decades to registered voters who complete a signed request form each year. Mail-in voting is different. Registered voters do not have to request a ballot. The Elections Office sends a ballot to every registered voter in the database, even if that person has not voted in years. Some may have died or moved out of state. Voter fraud and serious errors are at risk.

Thankfully, mail-in voting is not allowed in Idaho. Unfortunately, that is not the case across the country. Trump is justified in his concern over mass mail-in voting. All Americans should be. They can change the outcome of elections. All of us should want a fair, safe and secure election.

Maybe one day I will need to request an absentee ballot. But, until then, I look forward to casting my vote in person.


Coeur d’Alene