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MELLO-ROOS: A godsend to taxpayers

| August 19, 2020 1:00 AM

Reading the paper and seeing current taxpayers complaining about us footing the bill for all these new developments, there is a fix to this: a Mello-Roos. Why do you think so many of these out-of-staters are building here? Because we allow them to without making them pay for our new roads and infrastructure. Those purchasing houses don’t pay either, which is not fair.

There is a fix for this. New developers and residences pay for their own improvements through a Mello-Roos tax, not us. Many of those moving here, especially from California, are very familiar with Mello-Roos.

As many states have discovered, instead of charging their current tax base for something that has nothing to do with them, they make the developers and new residences pay these extra expenses themselves in a Mello-Roos! The fact that our state and local leaders are not requiring these new developments to pay a “Mello-Roos” shows they are not watching out for us, their long-term taxpayers.

Mello-Roos would take the burden off our backs and put it on those building and buying here. It is going to get worse. We need a Mello-Roos now!

Definition of Mello-Roos;

“A Mello-Roos is a special tax assessment district created to finance local infrastructure such as police, fire, ambulance, libraries, museums, cultural facilities, parks, schools, roads and sewer system, which are paid for by a special tax assessed to homeowners in those districts. (New developments) The tax is applied only to residents of the district that benefits from the project.” Not us.

We should not be paying for these new developments and residences. They should be paying for themselves.


Hayden Lake