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Sheriff’s Blotter

| August 18, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Graveyard Deputies responded to the Twin Lakes Trading Post for a suspicious male who was attempting to purchase items with a broken in half credit card, two different check books, and a bunch of change. The male was located in the city of Rathdrum by RPD units and turned over to KCSO for investigation. The male had a warrant out of Whitman County, Washington. The original call was unfounded. 20-34090

• Deputies and medical responded to Twin Lakes for a male who was working on a dock, fell off the dock into the water, and severed his fingers. He was out of the water at the time of call and was transported by medical for his injuries. 20-34159

• Deputies responded to the Work Release Center for a warrant service and arrested a male on his active warrant. 20-34166

• NIVCTF Detectives located and arrested a male at his residence on Garwood Rd. for his outstanding warrant for a felony Hit and Run accident that occurred in December of 2019. 20-34173

Evening and Night shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the Ravenwood RV Resort for a hit and run/battery. An R/P called and advised a male had hit her vehicle and refused to provide his information. She was trying to photograph him and he hit her phone out of her hand. The male then left the area. The suspect vehicle was located in the RV Park parked at a camping spot in front of a camp trailer. No one would come to the door of the camper. The R/P did not wish to pursue charges. A report was taken. 20-34236

• Deputies responded to Stateline Showgirls regarding a male who tried to expose himself while getting a lap dance. The dancer stopped and the male refused to pay for her services. The male was contacted and agreed to pay for the dance and was then trespassed from the location. 20-34240

• Deputies assisted ISP and CDA Tribal PD in looking for a male who was observed laying partially in the roadway on Highway 58 X U.S. 95. The Deputy ultimately located a male who was intoxicated and on the roadway. The male was uncooperative and resisted arrest. He also had a tribal warrant out for his arrest. The Deputy arrested the male on his warrant, intoxicated person in a roadway and resisting/obstructing. 20-34254

• Deputies responded to assist ISP trying to look for a driver who took off on foot from a traffic stop on I-90 near mile post 32. The driver was believed to be intoxicated and left his child in the vehicle when he fled into the woods. After a brief search, the male was located and arrested by ISP. 20-34258

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle at Seltice Way and Idaho St. that was called in as a possible DUI. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication. The driver failed the evaluations and refused to complete the rest of the SFSTs. He provided two breath samples with the results of .239/.221. He was charged for excessive DUI. 20-34279

• A Deputy stopped a vehicle on 15th St and I-90. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication and failed SFST’s. He provided breath samples of .174/.172. His driving status was also suspended out of Washington. The driver was charged for DUI and DWP. 20-34301

• Deputies responded to the area of Signal Point Rd and Manor Heights Dr. for a reported physical domestic. When Deputies arrived, contact was made with a female who claims to have been battered by a male. The male left the scene prior to LE arrival. Searches of the area were unsuccessful in locating him, and a report was completed. 20-34306

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Ramsgate Lane in Hayden for an ongoing family dispute. A female was verbally out of control and damaged a wall in the house. She was arrested for malicious injury to property. 20-34352

• Deputies along medical personnel responded to the intersection of Government Way and Wyoming Ave. for a two vehicle T-bone crash where one of the vehicles entered into a residence as a result of the crash. Both drivers and only occupants of each vehicle were treated at the scene for minor injuries. It appears speed and inattention was a factor as one of the vehicles failed to stop at a stop sign on Wyoming Ave. No one was inside the residence at the time of the crash. 20-34361

Evening and Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to W. Harmon Ave. for a reported battery and possible vehicle theft. The R/P-Victim called in to report her friend had struck her in the back and then stole her camp trailer. The R/P appeared to be under the influence of a stimulant during the contact. She was unable to provide any proof that the trailer belonged to her and was determined to be a civil matter until she was able to provide proof she was the owner. She did not wish to pursue charges on the battery. 20-34448

• While on scene at the Harmon call, A K-9 Deputy and his partner arrived. The K9 conducted a narcotic sniff on R/P’s vehicle. As a result of the sniff, a meth pipe and a small amount of marijuana was recovered. She was cited and released for PCS marijuana and possession of paraphernalia. She was also warned not to drive due to her apparent intoxicated state. 20-34479

• A short time later, Deputies observed the female R/P from above driving her vehicle at Seltice Way and Elm Rd. She was stopped for a turn signal violation. She failed SFST’s and as expected provided breath samples of .000 for alcohol, as drugs were suspected to be the intoxicant. She was charged with DUI Drugs. 20-34486

• Deputies responded to N. Loch Haven Dr. for a battery. Two males got into a fight over family/custody issues. No one wanted to pursue charges. 20-34475

• Deputies responded to E. Schaeffer St. in Bayview for a fight call. A 16-year-old male called in and advised his mother was highly intoxicated and actively battering him. Dispatch relayed they could hear the female screaming in the background. As Deputies arrived on scene, the R/P told Dispatch that the mother was actively battering him again. Deputies were let in by the R/P and contacted the female. The female refused commands and attempted to go to a location in the residence with known firearms. As Deputies went to detain the female she began resisting and fighting with the Deputies. After a short struggle, Deputies were able to control the female and place her into the patrol car. She was charged for obstructing and battery. 20-34482

• Deputies responded to N. Bateman St. for an intentional overdose. A 19-year-old female had taken pills in an attempt to harm herself. She wanted to go to the hospital for help. She was transported to KH for treatment. 20-34513

• Dispatch aired a call of a reckless driver/possible DUI S/B on Government Way from Honeysuckle Ave. The caller reported the vehicle was traveling 70 MPH and unable to maintain its lane. A Patrol Sergeant spotted the vehicle make an illegal u-turn and turn E/B on Prairie Ave. The caller confirmed it was the same vehicle. The Sergeant caught up to the vehicle and stopped it on Wilbur Ave. at Mt. Carrol St. The vehicle was occupied by five people. The driver, exhibited the symptoms of heavy intoxication as well as the other passengers. A second Deputy arrived to conduct the DUI investigation. The driver failed the SFST’s and provided two breath samples with the results of .251/.236. The driver also had three active suspensions of his driver’s license out of Washington and there was an open container of beer in the center console. The driver was charged for excessive DUI and DWP. 20-34514

Notable calls for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to S. Tamarack Ridge Rd. near Cataldo for a report of a missing person. It was reported a 37 year old female walked away from the family camp last night at approximately 2230 hours. The female is mentally delayed and has the capacity of approximately an 8 year old. Due to the time delay, remote location and heat conditions, Search and Rescue was called. A drone was also requested and Marine units were headed up the river to begin checking the area. While all resources were en route, female came back to the house and was fine.

• Deputies responded to the Mountain View Bible Church at 3471 N. Chase Rd. for a psychological call. An R/P called and reported his father in law was “out of control” in the parking lot and threatening suicide. Deputies located the male in his vehicle and after interviewing him, transported him to KH for treatment.

• Deputies responded to a minor injury crash at Hayden and Huetter.

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Cruisers for an assault/battery. A male was walking to work and was approached by an intoxicated transient male who hit him in the face. The suspect was highly intoxicated and said it was his mission tonight to walk around and punch “punks” in the face. The suspect said he was going to continue to look for people to punch. The victim placed the suspect under citizen’s arrest for battery. 20-34628

• Deputies responded to Ramsey X Brunner for a motorcycle crash. The motorcycle driver was driving with his kickstand down when he hit rocks causing him to crash. The driver was not wearing a helmet and was transported with minor injuries via medical. 20-34662

• Deputies responded to Bennett Bay Inn for a crash. RP stated a female was speeding and swerving and shot off the road at the Bennett Bay Inn. The female driver was transported to KH by ambulance with serious injuries. Deputies charged the driver with DUI. 20-34634

• A Deputy stopped and arrested a female at Government Way X Commerce Dr. for possession of methamphetamine. She was cited and released for paraphernalia and DWP. The male passenger was transported via medical for his heart rapidly beating due to smoking methamphetamine. He was charged for frequenting and under the influence in public. 20-34682

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to W. Riverview reference a crash. They arrived and learned a male driver was driving drunk and crashed his car. He blew a .105 and .090 and was charged for DUI. 20-34690

• A Patrol Sergeant contacted a passed out driver at Liberty Stop and Go and arrested the male driver for possession of methamphetamine. 20-34693

• A Deputy attempted to stop a suspicious vehicle at Seltice x Fredrick. The vehicle fled and led him on a pursuit around Post Falls. The Deputy preformed a PIT maneuver on the vehicle at Idaho x 19th Ave and the vehicle rammed him after the PIT. It then fled westbound on 19th to the dead end and the driver fled on foot. A K9 track was attempted but only last a few blocks. The vehicle was soon learned to be stolen. Deputies believe they know who the driver was and will be following up throughout the day. 20-34700