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ADVICE: Ignore Barack and Joe

| August 16, 2020 1:00 AM

Pre-COVID, the stock market was roaring with the fastest recovery from a depressed market since 1939. Do you remember Obama’s recovery after the 2008 recession, putting Biden in charge of a nearly trillion dollar stimulus program? Yeah, no shovel-ready jobs as promised. In fact, we are yet to know where much of the money disappeared to — but we do know it was the slowest recovery in recent memory. Cash for clunkers and the Solyndra Solar scandal (bankrupted after accepting Obama’s $535 million) come to mind.

I really do believe Biden and Obama couldn’t run a lemonade stand at a profit — even if they got the lemons for free! And yet they continue to criticize, belittle and attack Trump and give their own “presidential” advice as Obama works feverishly out of his “Destroy America Compound” and Biden out of his basement. I suspect that the pre-COVID great jobs reports put both of them on antacid and sleeping pills.

As I have said before, listening to and taking advice from these two on anything, at any time, for any reason would be very, very unwise, foolhardy and just plain stupid. Let’s recap their eight years in office: Arrogance was in abundance, divisiveness was a specialty, Obamacare was a disaster, blame was their game and dislike for America a daily talking point.

Two last things. Mr. President, please, no more stimulus packages. Unlocking America is the only stimulus needed — and I beg of you, no financial bailout for any state — not one thin dime — not one “red” cent (seriously, no pun intended!)


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