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Sheriff’s blotter

| August 15, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls

• Deputies responded to W. Cardinal Ave for a psychological female. The R/P said her daughter suffers from some mental issues and was having an episode and being violent. Deputies arrived and determined no crimes were committed and the daughter did not meet criteria for a protective custody hold. She was transported to the crisis center by her boyfriend. 20-33918

• Deputies responded to N. Fantasy Loop for a trespassing/unwanted. The property owner reported a male had shown up on the property for the last four days refusing to leave and claiming he owned the property. Deputies made contact with the R/P as well as the male. The male agreed to pack up his belongings and leave the property along with another male.

• Deputies responded to a family disturbance. The R/P said her neighbors were screaming and dogs were barking. Deputies made contact with the neighbors and learned their dogs were fighting and the adults came out and were yelling at their dogs and trying to break them up. 20-33901

• Deputies responded to E. Painters Loop for a welfare check. An elderly male sent message to his alarm company that he had passed out. The alarm company was unable to make contact with the individual. Deputies made contact with the male who was fine and did not need any medical attention. 20-33910

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls

• Deputies responded to the area of Carreywood Rd. and Old House Rd. for an arson of an apparent intentional fire set to a camper. 20-33972

• Deputies responded to S. Highway 3 for a missing person. A female adult who suffers from Alzheimer’s, was out for a walk on her property and could not be located for approximately an hour and a half. While Deputies were en-route, she was located a short distance from the residence and was fine. She has gone missing several times now. A report was completed to be forwarded to the area agency on aging for further assistance. 20-33975

• Deputies responded to Government Way X Lacey Ave. for a possible DUI. A male driver was pulled over and slumped over the wheel and appeared intoxicated. It was soon learned the male was having a diabetic episode. Medical personnel arrived and was able to get the male back to a normal sugar level. His wife arrived and took him home. 20-34004

• Deputies stopped a vehicle on Highway 41 X 12th Ave. for an illegal turn. The driver exhibited the symptoms of intoxication and failed SFST’s. She provided breath samples of .139/.131. She was charged for DUI. 20-34019

• Deputies responded to W. Prairie Ave. for a report of a fight. A female was visiting family at the address. Her boyfriend was there to pick her up who has been trespassed from the address so he parked on the roadway. Another male went out to the vehicle to speak with boyfriend and an argument started and small tussle began. Neither wanted to press charges. 20-34048

Night Shift handled the following notable calls

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle in the Goodwill parking lot at HWY 41 X 16th Ave. in Post Falls. While parked a short distance away, the Deputy observed a female, who is on Felony probation, take several loads of donated items from the business and load it into her car. After contacting her and reading her Miranda, she admitted to stealing the items. During the investigation, the Deputy also located methamphetamine and paraphernalia. She was subsequently arrested. The stolen property was returned to the business.

• Deputies and CDATPD responded to the Casino for yet another report of methamphetamine being located on the floor. A male was observed dropping it by security and detained until our arrival. Once on scene, Deputies arrested him for PCS.

• A Deputy located a suspicious vehicle/boat at the west Fernan Boat Launch. The boat was off the trailer, trailer was off the vehicle, and vehicle was stuck in the mud due to the shallow water. An attempt to locate the owner was not successful, however his family advised this was not the first time this had occurred and believed he was trying to find some additional help as his vehicle is not big enough to recover the boat and stuck SUV. This was not the first time he has done this. The broken tow straps on scene indicated attempts were being made to remove the vehicles.