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A clean car joke you just can’t miss

| August 14, 2020 1:00 AM

Nancy Trusty worked for the four Coeur d’Alene mayors who served during the final two decades of the 20th century: Jim Fromm, Ray Stone, Al Hassell, and Steve Judy.

So the former executive secretary, who now lives in Richland, Wash., isn’t sure which one was in office when the Incident of the Muddy Cadillac occurred.

It began innocently enough. Nancy’s husband had driven to City Hall to pick her up for lunch in her black Cadillac with tinted windows, the one she lovingly called “Snobby Mob Car.”

Only she saw it was covered with mud.

She was ticked.

“I opened the car door, sat down, put my seat belt on and was chewing my husband out for getting the car so dirty,” Nancy tells Huckleberries.

Then, she noticed the older man at the wheel. He wasn’t her husband. And the car wasn’t hers either.

Obviously shaken, the Seasoned Citizen told Nancy that his wife was inside paying their utility bill. And he assured her that he would clean his car before returning to City Hall.

Again, Nancy: “He probably told his friends and neighbors that they’d better clean their cars before visiting City Hall because a wild lady will come out and chew your tail feathers off.”

Nancy apologized and couldn’t get out of the car fast enough. She left one shoe behind, under the seat. But didn’t dare go back for it.

That’s when she spotted her Caddie, three cars away. And spotless.

Minority Republicans?

A column by then Coeur d’Alene Press Editor Terry Schick in August 1970 offers a ray of hope for local superminority Democrats today. Schick begins: “Well, what do you know? There appears to be a Republican Party in Kootenai County, after all.” That’s not a typo. Republicans were the political sad sacks of Kootenai County 50 years ago. The editor continues: “When I first came here about all that came this way were remarks to the effect that Kootenai County is nothing but solid Democrat.” Seems the Republicans of the day were pinning their revitalization hopes on new party chairman Gary Ingram. Gary, as many of you know, was a conservative’s conservative. And Editor Schick had something to say about that: “I believe the Republicans will have to lose some of their conservative ways of thinking if they are to become recognized as a responsible force in Kootenai County politics.” Who knows? In another 25 to 50 years, the pendulum may swing back toward the Donkeys.

He’s A Hairy Guy

You may know that Kenny McAnally, of Coeur d’Alene, is a combat vet who flipped burgers at Hudson’s before landing a job with the Idaho Department of Correction. But did you know that he has saved the hair from every beard he’s grown — 8.5 pounds worth? He began the practice 14 years ago. And now tells Huckleberries: “I can’t justify throwing it away.” And, for a White Elephant gift, says Kenny, you can’t beat a hairball and a fifth of Jameson Whiskey.


• Poet’s Corner: If you happen upon one while you are out,/walk slowly away but don’t panic or shout;/take no backward glance as it waits on the loam, /and just hope that the thing doesn’t follow you home — The Bard of Sherman Avenue (“How to Handle a Stray Zucchini”).

• Has it really been 25 years since the feds admitted their Ruby Ridge snafu? Their mea culpa included a settlement that gave $1 million each to the three daughters of Randy and the late Vicki Weaver: Sara, Rachel, and Elisheba? And $100,000 to Randy Weaver.

• If the delicious pulled pork or tri-tip steak with BBQ beans, mac-and-cheese, and coleslaw doesn’t entice you, the motto painted on the red-and-white BlackHills Barbecue truck on Best Avenue will: “Never Trust A Skinny Chef.”

• In June 1916, Herman Rossi, the five-term mayor of Wallace, shot and killed his young wife’s lover, Clarence “Gabe” Dahlquist, in the Samuels Hotel. And 3 ½ months later was found innocent of murder. Ron Roizen of Wallace has spent 18 months researching the slaying. If he can find a publisher, we’ll be treated to the remarkable story.

• A Garden District resident is looking for the, ahem, dastardly person who released ladybugs at 11th and Foster. Via the online NextDoor site, the resident complains: “They’re annoying, and they bite. They’re all over my backyard.” Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus. And a Tooth Fairy. And People Who Hate Ladybugs.

Parting Shot

Here’s one thing Huckleberries learned at the Handshake Productions concert at City Park Sunday, featuring the swing band Zonky. There once was a song entitled, “Let’s Choo Choo Choo to Idaho.” It was featured in the 1950 film, “Duchess of Idaho,” starring Van Johnson. Zonky played it. Before you start humming a few bars, you should know “Choo Choo” wasn’t a hit. But it did succeed in rhyming such words as “fella” and “Pocatella.” And “Sun Valley” and “Rand McNally.” It’s doubtful The Beatles could have done much with that.

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Courtesy photo Kenny McAnally’s 14-year collection of beard hairballs.