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THUGS: Let’s shut them down

| August 12, 2020 1:00 AM

I assume your experiences with coronavirus are similar to mine. I find it almost impossible to have a conversation with friends or family without the discussion being penetrated by thoughts pertaining to COVID-19.

Everywhere you go, people are sharing their experiences regarding the shutdown of their businesses, schools, churches, and places of entertainment and other sporting events. Many of these places where large numbers of people have been brought together out of necessity or reasonable choice.

The intent of the majority of the citizens is to protect lives, property and the freedom of God-loving American people. For us to live in peace and freedom, it is necessary for those who are in positions of authority to exercise that authority with wisdom, common sense and reason.

For the most part during times of catastrophic events, Americans pull together in unity. However, violent thugs and mobs are doing everything in their power to drive a wedge between lovers of peace and haters of justice and peace. The show that the Democrats put on in the House Judicial Committee hearing is an example of ardent, ferocious, vicious, verbal expressions of anger.

I leave you with a couple of questions: If we can shut down businesses and baseball, why can’t we shut down mass hysteria and police haters? If we can shut down schools and churches, why can’t we shut down thugs and mob behavior?


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