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PRESS: Shows pro-mask bias

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

In response to Pam Nordby’s letter on Aug. 5 questioning Dr. Wayne Fichter’s qualifications to write about COVID, please go back and read his columns so you clearly understand his viewpoint. Dr. Fichter simply wrote about what his reading on masks revealed and he cited the sources so he was simply reporting the facts, not an opinion or recommendation. One does not need to be an infectious disease specialist to read academic publications and become educated; maybe more should follow Dr. Fichter’s example by educating themselves rather than parroting the CDC’s mask recommendation.

Meanwhile, The Press continues their pro-mask bias by ignoring Dr. Fichter’s findings and not covering events such as the Mask Freedom Rally held on Aug. 4. How is that balanced reporting? Perhaps The Press is too closely aligned with commercial interests in the area and is no longer able to provide unbiased and comprehensive coverage of all news in Kootenai County.


Post Falls