Tuesday, April 23, 2024

MASKS: At least be consistent

| August 9, 2020 1:00 AM

Where were all the protests from the anti-maskers and their ilk when laws/rules/mandates requiring vehicle drivers to wear a seat belt, or risk a traffic citation; put your kid in a car seat or risk a traffic citation; wear a helmet (in most states) when riding a motorcycle, or risk a traffic citation?

What about your “rights and freedoms” when that flight attendant requires you to put your tray table up and fasten your seat belt, before the big jet will push back from the gate? If you make a stink and continue to refuse, the airport cops will remove you from the aircraft, by force, if necessary. You will likely face federal criminal charges, too. Scores of your fellow passengers won’t get a virus from your stupidity, but they will all be late for their destination!

All of these requirements were enacted to either protect you (seat belts — cars and airplanes) or your innocent loved ones (kids/cars seats) or for the greater good of the public. The science is clear: Wearing the mask, especially when social distancing isn’t possible, significantly slows the community spread of COVID-19.

Please, folks, stop with the tirades, tantrums and government conspiracy nonsense and just wear the darn mask. Thanks for listening.