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IDEA: For children’s hospital

| August 7, 2020 1:00 AM

I must be a simple thinking person. Like when they built a baseball park, and they said the people would come and the people did. Or when a roller skate park was built and it filled with people. I know that we need a children’s hospital.

To do whatever needs to be done, this could be just as simple. The Shopko store that is out of business across from Kootenai Health — could they donate the store with help from the state of Idaho to make the action free and clear of taxes and permits? Then, get an Idaho builder association to remodel the inside with Kootenai hospital’s advice on what would be needs inside? And maybe the building permit office would help, without a fee. A GoFundMe page would be created to fund the rest of the children’s hospital.

And you know what? The doctors and nurses would come by the droves to help the children.

It could even be called Hagadone Hospitality Children’s Hospital.


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