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COVID-19: Balance needed

| August 7, 2020 1:00 AM

The World Health Organization and government leaders mean well when it mandates that “nonessential businesses” shut down and people stay home. But their outlook is a single-visioned view of how to cope with the problem.

The article in the Coeur d’Alene Press, “Virus-linked hunger tied to 10,000 child deaths each month around the world,” does not even begin to scratch the surface of what is really happening. If W.H.O. did, I think their ideas of how to deal with this would be different.

From reports I’m hearing from people around the world, it is taking a devastating toll on the lives of families as they are not able to work, sell or even in some cases, buy food. This is healthy?

Even in the U.S., families of small businesses have lost their life’s businesses and many will never be able to recover. The W.H.O. does not understand that all businesses, and the people that make them happen, are “essential.” Our economy is all interrelated with each person and business.

What are we going to do when COVID-19 mutates? Or there is another devastating virus? Or our enemies realize they can destroy our economy simply by visiting us and spreading a virus around? Are we all going to do this again and again and again? This is both cruel and unconscionable.

Certainly, we need to make the public aware and provide ideas for people to choose to protect themselves and their loved ones, but we need balance and to be keenly aware of the necessity to keep our economy going the best we can for the benefit of all. We don’t need government mandates.


Rose Lake