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Bingo for reading

Staff Writer | August 7, 2020 1:00 AM

3Cs Book Club hopes to have fun, raise funds

Need something fun, easy and interesting to do while building your vocabulary and exploring the expansive world of literary works?

Bingo! The 3Cs Book Club has just the thing for you.

Book Bingo is the brain child of 3Cs Book Club chair Genie Higbee and member Susan Denton, who found a way to incorporate reading and fundraising into an activity anyone can do. They fashioned it after the Seattle Library's summer reading program and turned it into a way to bring in funds for 3Cs (Cancer and Community Charities), an organization of philanthropic women who have had to be creative with fundraising activities since the pandemic put live events on hold.

They have three major goals, said Higbee.

• That the public will be encouraged to read and be adventurous in book selections.

• That interesting conversations will be sparked and people will be uplifted.

• Funds raised, $10 per player, will benefit the community through local nonprofits.

To play, participants will keep track of the books they read from July 1 through Oct. 24 and write the title and author in the matching square. Books may be used once per card.

The squares challenge players to read different genres: Northwest authors, mysteries or thrillers, historical fiction, graphic novels and more.

When players complete a horizontal, vertical or diagonal line of five books, they get to yell "Bingo!" and send in their cards. A blackout of all squares means 25 books have been read.

Prizes include $50 gift certificates at the Well-Read Moose and a grand blackout prize of a $300 gift certificate at Mix It Up.

Game cards can be printed at home or picked up at Well-Read Moose and Mix It Up, where completed cards will also be accepted.

The Well-Read Moose is at 2048 N. Main St. and Mix it Up is at 513 Sherman Ave.

Info: 3csbookclub@gmail.com