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Sheriff’s Blotter

| August 6, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable Calls for the Day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to N. Cedar Mtn. Rd. in Athol for a reported Suicide Threat. It was reported a female was violently breaking things in the house and was out of control. It was determined the female was having more of a mental breakdown. She was taken to KH for treatment. 20-32139

• Deputies responded to the intersection of Idaho X Wyoming for an Injury ATV Crash involving a 17 yof. She sustained cuts, bumps, bruises, and lacerations. Mom was notified who responded to the scene. 20-32157

• Deputies responded to a Medical Emergency southbound Hwy 95 at Wyoming. She was checked on by EMS/Fire from Northern Lakes, and then her friend took over driving. It is believed she suffered an environmental heat emergency due to the warm temps, and thus began having difficulty breathing. The patient was given a bottle of water, and units cleared the scene. 20-32191

• Several units including KCSO Dive, Worley Fire, and Tribal PD responded to the area of the Conkling Park Marina for a reported Boat Explosion with “people on fire in the water.” Once Fire units arrived on scene, it was determined everyone was out of the water and the boat that was on fire was far enough away from the marina that it was not a danger to the marina or other vessels. All the occupants were not injured and Marine Units handled the fire call. It appears the fire/explosion was caused by the operator not running the blower prior to starting the engine. 20-32199

• Deputies responded for a reported Weapon Offense near Salmonberry X Chateaux. It was reported several teens were together at a nearby park, when one teen (unk. 15yom) pulled a gun on the RP’s son. At the time of this log, Deputies were still investigating. 20-32198

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to Fern Creek Rd for a female who was injured and laying in the roadway. The female was heavily under the influence of methamphetamine and had difficulty articulating an aggravated battery perpetrated against her until multiple hours into the shift at Kootenai Health. The account of events was still murky at the time of this log. Detectives Division was notified. 20-32223

• Deputies responded to the Hayden Super 1 for shoplifter. She was cited for commercial burglary and theft. 20-32237.

• Deputies responded to Amerimart in Stateline Village for a fight. Upon arrival, units learned the “fight” was only a verbal dispute among 4 intoxicated female friends. 20-32262

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• CDAPD received a call of a female calling for help along the shoreline of Lake CDA near the floating green. Since the voice sounded like it may be coming from the water, Deputies along with Marine 4 responded to the area in boats and another Deputy responded with a drone and checked the shoreline from Sanders Beach to the floating green and found nothing. CDAPD was grateful for the assistance.

• Deputies responded to Huetter for an Overdose in a truck at W. Reeves. Deputies, both administered narcan and revived the male. EMS cleared him and they cleared with an FI. 20-32257

• Deputies took a citizen assist in the Bayview area of a parent calling in his 18 year old daughter who left home without telling where she was going. They advised she was not in danger or anything, they were just worried about her. He advised that she is an adult. However, ISP was also contacted by the father and responded to try to find her. And find her they did, with juveniles drinking on a dock. Some of them ran and jumped in the water and ISP called for a code 3 cover. Deputies responded and assisted as ISP took primary and issued some MIP tickets.

• Deputies responded to Conklin Rd for a crash with a person trapped. CDATPD was called in and took primary.