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Sheriff’s blotter

| August 5, 2020 1:00 AM

Notable calls

for the day!


Day Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to the area of N. Government Way for a Welfare Check on a male near the street that was wearing only his boxers and had a towel wrapped around his head. After checking on the male, Deputies provided him a courtesy transport back to his residence on Sargent’s Dr. 20-31950

• Deputies responded to Spirit Lake for an Agency Assist for reference a possible verbal Domestic. There was no one on scene, and after waiting several minutes for them to return, the scene was cleared. 20-31951

• Deputies responded to a reported Disorderly Male near the intersection of Orchard X Government. He was called in as being intoxicated, however when Deputy made contact with the male, he learned the male was trying to walk to work in CdA, and was suffering some type of medical event. EMS was summoned, and the male was transported to KH. 20-31971

• Deputies along with Forest Service LEO responded to the area of the Fernan Lake Saddle (FSR 499) for an Injury ATV crash involving a 16yom. When located, he was transported via ambulance to KH with moderate injuries including a broken leg. 20-31978

• Several Deputies responded to N. Ramsey Rd. for a possible Burglary In Progress- Glass Breakage with a 14 yr old and a 5 yr. old hiding in a closet. On scene, there was no broken glass found on the exterior of the building, and the interior of the house was checked before the parents were allowed on scene. Nothing found. 20-32003

• Deputies responded to the Ravenwood RV Park for a Verbal Domestic wherein an extremely intoxicated female; decided to damage her boyfriend’s RV. On scene she was asked to leave by him, and Deputies assisted in getting her a cab/ride away from the area. 20-31998

• A Deputy responded to a PD crash on the FSR 332 Rd. approximately 2 miles up from the parking lot area. Apparently the crash happened yesterday, and the vehicle had to be left overnight. The owner and driver returned to the scene with the Deputy, and arrangements were made with Scaffer’s to recover the vehicle. 20-32001

Evening Shift handled the following notable calls:

• Deputies responded to E Sleepy Ln for a fight between cohabitating exes. The fight occurred earlier in the day and neither party wished to press charges. The parties were separated already with no plans to reunite. A report was completed. 20-32035.

• Deputies responded for a fight in the Sausser x Carnie area. Upon arrival, units learned that neighbors had battered each other, sustaining minor injuries over a neighborhood speed issue. Neither wished pursuit of charges. 20-32047.

• Deputies responded for a citizen dispute at N Torrey Ln. Upon arrival, units kept the peace regarding an ongoing dispute between the families’ children. 20-32046.

• Deputies responded to the Exxon at Prairie x Government for a male transient causing a minor disturbance. He was trespassed from this business and moved along. 20-32093

• Deputies responded for 911 hang up calls in the West 600 and 800 block of Hayden Ave. Both were unfounded with static. It is likely associated with the road construction.

Night Shift handled the following notable calls:

• A Deputy contacted a male who was intoxicated at Kon Tiki. The male then tried to drive away in a car. The Deputy ultimately arrested him for DUI .238/.234. 20-32109

• Several Deputies responded to “The Jungle,” which is a side road off of Hwy 54 along the railroad tracks for a party call. Several people ran into the woods when Deputies arrived on scene. The vehicles that were left as the party goers ran off were ran and the registered owners (the parents) were notified.