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McLANDRESS: Deserves full support

| August 5, 2020 1:00 AM

It saddens me to see the lack of support toward Dr. Richard McLandress, PHD board member, for his introduction and yes vote of the Kootenai County mask mandate. Dr. McLandress was my primary care physician for 20-plus years. He was caring, thorough, and well-informed on developments within the medical field. I trust his assessment and knowledge of the current COVID-19 pandemic. Board yes votes for a temporary mandate seem a reasonable and responsible concern.

My wife and I are in the 65-plus group. Since March, we have done our best to follow recommendations. It’s no big deal to wear a mask and I certainly don’t feel that my freedom and rights are being violated. Our observations since March are that in this county, we are in the minority in following guidelines. Initially, Kootenai County had a low rate of COVID-19 incidences, but infections and hospitalizations have increased.

Scientific studies have been presented to us citizens on the importance of wearing masks and other steps during this pandemic. Not surprisingly, there are other studies citing ineffectiveness and even harm in wearing masks (e.g. Dr. Wayne Fichter’s columns in recent Press issues). So what is the strategy until vaccines and treatments are available? From my “non-medical” view, blowing off wearing masks and social distancing, such as body-to-body parties, has not seemed to work well particularly, in populace states.

If back in March our federal leaders had initiated a national program of temporary mandates, testing and other measures, instead of treating the developing pandemic lightly, perhaps today we would have fewer medical and economic impacts. Sometimes we have to lay aside our perceived rights to do what is right.