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ELECTION: Choose best leaders

| August 5, 2020 1:00 AM

Patricia Turner’s opinion piece from July 29, “What your Vote Gets,” was concise and an excellent breakdown of the choices between the two candidates for president.

However, it is so much more than a choice between two men and their plans for America. It is also our chance to elect people to Congress who Love America and want her to thrive and grow, not those willing to cave to the demands of a few that just want America’s downfall.

I urge everyone to use your voice and vote, not just along party lines but for the individual and what they stand for in values and what they want for all of us.

We need to elect leaders who are not in the race to just win an election, but ones willing to work for all the people, working together for a better America and upholding the Bill of Rights and our Constitution. I believe we all want an America we can be proud of and pass on securely to our children.

Many have said America is not perfect and we as Americans have our faults. But look at the rest of our world; so many risk their lives, everything they hold dear to come here.

It is easy to criticize Americans’ faults, but with that criticism, we all have an obligation to use our voices and our willingness to work to do our part to improve things.


Dalton Gardens