Tuesday, April 23, 2024

PROTESTERS: No, it’s mobs

| August 4, 2020 10:33 AM

Our country is being torn apart with the tacit approval of one political party. During Tuesday’s Congressional Hearing with Attorney General William Barr, Rep. Jerry Nadler stated that these are protesters and not mobs. He said it’s a myth that there has been Antifa involvement.

Times have gotten crazy when truth is called fiction and fiction called truth. Apparently Rep. Nadler hadn’t heard that the Minnesota governor requested $500 million to cover the losses. That’s a big loss from such peaceful protestors! Who’s going to pay for those damages?

There is extensive video footage from cities showing rioting, looting of businesses including minority owned, arson, gas powered saws, bricks, frozen water bottles and fecal material in balloons tossed at others, plus lasers pointed at the eyes of people that resulted in blindness. Dozens of police officers have been injured, as well as other citizens. All of this is horrendous and disgusting to people from various political perspectives.

It was not clarified how Democratic Rep. Nadler defines a mob. I would have thought the above mayhem would qualify! Ignoring mayhem encourages it to metastasize and spread to more localities. This has already begun.

If a person cherishes our country and would not like to see it torn apart, it’s time to stand up against mayhem. Admittedly President Trump isn’t the most likable guy. However, he deserves our support. Too many have paid the ultimate price to let this country be torn apart.