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JAIL: Staff deserve raises, too

| August 4, 2020 10:33 AM

This group has been overlooked for many years and forced to watch other employees of the county receive wage increases, while they are left out repeatedly. Who are these people? They are the dedicated deputies of the Kootenai County jail.

Year after year there is an increase for patrol deputies while jail staff have been left wondering why they are going unnoticed. Senior detention deputies that are topped out have received less than a 2% pay increase over the last 12 years, but the patrol deputies received a 12% pay increase in the last year alone.

Where is the incentive to stay at the jail? They perform under the same standards and oaths as patrol. Their job can be just as intense and dangerous. Right now there is a 26% pay difference between patrol and jail staff whereas most counties keep this under 10%. The commissioners have lied, pushed them off, neglected them, continued false promises to keep that carrot dangling and they are tired of it.

Commissioners, as a taxpaying member of Kootenai County, I think you need to start recognizing the people who keep this community safe and give them the respect they deserve. Stop lying to them and finally make good on the words you have been speaking for the last year… revisit the pay for our detention staff and give the topped out men and women of the Kootenai County jail the pay increase that is grossly overdue and well deserved.


Post Falls