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Watching all our gorgeous gardens grow

| April 29, 2020 1:00 AM

Good starts with a g.

So do two good spring things: Gardens and graduation.

Noting that the thermometer is supposed to slide past the 70 mark today, it really will feel like spring — even if you’re being good boys and girls and following the guidelines set before us.

Local architect, artist (father of Tomorrow Is…), philosopher and admirer of flora and fauna Rann Haight planted a suggestive seed that refuses to be buried.

“With all the good weather and time at home this will undoubtedly be the best ever year for people’s gardens,” he writes. He then suggests that The Press ask readers to send their stunning garden photos — a splendid idea.

And then the inner Rann blossoms. From that fertile imagination, he tosses out some possible titles for pages on which those gorgeous gardens will be groomed:

• Lockout Landscaping

• Virus Vegetation

• Corona Cultivation

• Seclusion Seedlings

• She Shed Sheltering

• The Masked Mulcher

• My Other Home is a Hot House

and finally (drumroll please)

• Social Distancing with a Hoe

We had to be careful of the spelling on that last one.

So what do you say? If you’re a willing masked mulcher, please send us your best garden photos. Email them to Holly at:

G-2: We also said something about graduation, which like flowers has everything to do with growth. Thankfully, Dan Nicklay from Coeur d’Alene Charter Academy dug up the best idea we’ve heard yet, though it’s not quite as good as Social Distancing with a Hoe.

Mr. Nicklay is planning an outdoor affair in May that will likely bring the school’s seniors together for one last — but safe — blast. The graduation ceremony is likely to take place in cars at the Kootenai County Fairgrounds. Leave it to Nicklay & Co. to come up with some creative, fun details, like placing diplomas under the windshield wipers of each vehicle.

We all remember our high school graduation ceremonies, don’t we? They’re an important step on life’s ladder and a snapshot in which classmates are all together, perhaps for a final time.

Here’s hoping our other local high schools can come up with something similarly sumptuous for their students.