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SHERIFF: Appeal to Cd’A doctor

| April 8, 2020 1:00 AM

Below is my response to Dr. Robert J. Burnett’s letter, “Officials’ comments threaten others’ health”, as published on April 5, 2020, in the Bonner County Daily Bee.

• • •

Dear Dr. Burnett,

If I, or any of my family acquired an illness a year from now, would you ‘do no harm’ to us? Why should anyone ever trust their health to someone who arbitrarily determines the application of the quality of medical treatment based upon a difference of personal opinion on your part?

I simply called for our Honorable Governor Little to call the Idaho Legislators back into session with the goal of debating the issue and the governor’s action to it. Legislators can call expert witnesses and determine the best path forward to preserve both our collective health, and our rights enshrined in our Constitution. I made no claim as to being a medical professional.

Thankfully my approach to carrying out the duties of Sheriff is not based upon a capricious nature, nor emotion. I, and my deputies abide by the call of duty that this office receives 24/7/365. We place ourselves in any number of hazardous — including medical situations, daily and will continue to do so.

Dr. Burnett, we’re both first responders, and as such in facing the dangers of the unseen, we selflessly take that challenge for the sake and safety of those we respectively serve in our given professions. As a personal pledge to you, you will receive the same quality of service as any other citizen of Bonner County. I will be honored to serve you today, as I was my very first day in office.

Thank you for your consideration,


Bonner County Sheriff’s Office