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TRUMP: Evangelically ideal

| December 29, 2019 12:00 AM

Everything that can be said pro- or con-Trump has been said. How a person feels about him depends first on his worldview and second on his exposure to the facts. Does “truth” come from man’s ideas or from a supreme being, specifically the God of the Bible?

Regarding facts, many have written facts supporting Trump. What has our president accomplished? About 400 specific items Evangelicals like. Http://www.-magapill.com/ lists them in three categories: Government (138); Economy (142) and National Security (103).

Trump’s detractors usually bring up his past actions — his immoral behavior before his conversion to Christ. What about since 2016? Admittedly, his mouth is still a problem, but that doesn’t change what he actually does — why we evangelicals support him.

For whom would “never-Trumpers” vote? Every Democrat leader favors positions antithetical to traditional Judeo-Christian American positions from the definition of family to promotion of the LGBTQ, etc., agenda to not honoring the military and police, etc. What Democrat could possibly replace Trump’s positive results for America and Israel?

Democrat hatred of conservatives in general and Trump specifically led to discussion of impeachment even before he was elected. Democrats are killing their party by their behavior today.


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