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| December 24, 2019 12:00 AM

PRESS: All about local

The front page of Monday’s Coeur d’Alene Press caused me to reconsider a letter to the editor published in Sunday’s paper. Several letters to the editor were published regarding impeachment. One letter complained that impeachment was on page 3, not the front page. The issue the writer raised was apparently that impeachment, as a national concern, should be on the front page.

When I opened Monday morning’s paper and read the front page I reconsidered that letter. Today’s paper starts with a new subdivision in Rathdrum, the redevelopment plan for East Sherman and the Press Christmas for All 2019. These are issues that directly affect us here in Kootenai County. This is the information that I need. This is where I live, this is where we work and this is the information that affects my life.

Growth, helping others in our community, what our local governments are doing are our concerns. These are the articles that belong on page one. If I want to know about national issues I will go to a national publication which has both the staff and resources to cover those issues. I do not expect my community newspaper to be my source for national information although some reference to those issues is important but page 3 is good enough. I can find my way to a national source for more detail.

A community newspaper covers the community first. The Coeur d’Alene Press did that well Monday. And that’s what matters most to me.


Coeur d’Alene

TRUMP: Evangelically ideal

Everything that can be said pro- or con-Trump has been said. How a person feels about him depends first on his worldview and second on his exposure to the facts. Does “truth” come from man’s ideas or from a supreme being, specifically the God of the Bible?

Regarding facts, many have written facts supporting Trump. What has our president accomplished? About 400 specific items Evangelicals like. Http:// lists them in three categories: Government (138); Economy (142); and National Security (103).

Trump’s detractors usually bring up his past actions—his immoral behavior before his conversion to Christ. What about since 2016? Admittedly his mouth is still a problem, but that doesn’t change what he actually does—why we evangelicals support him.

For whom would “never-Trumpers” vote? Every Democrat leader favors positions antithetical to traditional Judeo-Christian American positions from the definition of family to promotion of the LGBTQ etc. agenda to not honoring the military and police, etc. What Democrat could possibly replace Trump’s positive results for America and Israel?

Democrat hatred of conservatives in general and Trump specifically led to discussion of impeachment even before he was elected. Democrats are killing their party by their behavior today.


Post Falls

MARKER #11: Born too soon

Having read the many opinion letters, editorials and My Turn columns about Marker #11, I am pleased that most have been thoughtful and respectful of the diverse points of view. Ours is a very diverse community. I’d like to add my own perspective.

The wonderful profusion of public art all over the city is amazing and makes us proud. I believe the major cause of such an uproar has been a generational one. I wasn’t even aware of Marker #11 but now I am and it raises the question, “Who is the public?”

My generation lived through the second World War, the post-war chaos, then Korea, Vietnam and all the wars since. The symbols of that time for us are so traumatic and painful, it can’t even be described.

My father was a life-long Marine, serving in the South Pacific, and died as a Major General; my brother, career Navy in Korea and Vietnam. What they fought for then was not what we fight for now and our childhood losses (including the loss of innocence), actually living in a war culture, cannot be transmitted in movies. Nobody who has fought on foreign soil will ever forget.

For me, seeing an orange slab with a construction cone on it does not bring up deep pain and memories such as those on Marker #11 and I, too, am part of “The Public.” Once my generation has passed away and the sting of war is not ever-present, the next generations will be able to celebrate what was intended for Marker #11. I know that the artist and Arts Commission intended neither harm nor pain; but it was just too soon, too ahead of its time.


Coeur d’Alene

PRESS: Now print this

Since you have printed the two page President’s letter to Speaker Nancy Pelosi, why don’t you print the two articles of impeachment and the reason for them? Fair is fair coverage!


Coeur d’Alene

TRUMP: Cozy with communists

How soon we forget. President Trump has visited communist dictators who rule North Korea and Russia. It was not that long ago that we fought wars in Korea and Vietnam opposing communist leadership. Unfortunately, it is in the best interests of North Korea and Russia to have our own current president in office.



TAX AIDE: Want to help?

The local Tax-Aide program is seeking volunteers to help with free tax preparation for taxpayers who live in Kootenai and Shoshone Counties.

There is no need to have prior tax preparation experience as training is provided and help is always available. All who are willing to work with folks who need income tax help are encouraged to volunteer.

Becky Baeth, a multiyear volunteer, says, “It is the most rewarding experience. We meet the nicest people and it’s a joy to give back to our community.”

Tax-Aide is sponsored by the Internal Revenue Service and the AARP Foundation. The program assists low to moderate income taxpayers with the preparation of their tax returns at no cost to them.

Last year, we had over 100 volunteers help their neighbors with the program. It would be nice to have that many again this year.

Formal training begins Jan. 3 for new volunteers at the Silver Lake Mall site. Volunteers train three days a week for two weeks and are asked to volunteer at sites on a regular shift weekly beginning Feb. 1. Most volunteers can’t stay away and work multiple shifts.

Volunteers can contact me at 208-765-6589 or at

I’m a tax man, and I need your help.


Coeur d’Alene

2020: What’s next, GOP?

The new year is upon us. Time for that lovable group of scamps known as our Republican State Legislature to return and set to work again.

Last session they could not bring themselves to ban child marriage. They could not figure out how to stop parents of an extreme religious sect from letting their children suffer and die because they do not believe in modern medicine. Bet they have cell phones, use microwaves and drive cars though.

We voters found our compassion and common sense and voted by a huge majority — more than voted for Governor Little — to expand Medicaid, which this these scamps had refused to do for at least six years. Not swayed by our move, they then proceeded to stomp out as much of that Expansion as possible, then stomp on our right to have initiatives to really slap us down.

We need a better minimum wage, more money going to education pre-K through college, and restoring taxes to corporations and the rich to help pay for it.

Sign those initiative petitions out there and seriously think about who you are going to vote for in 2020, someone in tune with our issues or these same old scamps?