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A closer look at critique of GOP

by Tony Wisniewski/Guest opinion
| April 18, 2014 9:00 PM

I would like to set the record straight on some of the allegations made in Kellie Palm's Guest Opinion of April 11. Space prohibits me from addressing all of them. I will refer directly to several of her statements.

"The KCRCC voted overwhelmingly to not have our books audited, for free I might add." The only time voting occurs is when a motion has been presented to the Committee. The minutes of the meeting will clearly show that there was no motion made for a free audit, and therefore no vote was taken.

"The KCRCC has also been instrumental in starting the closed Republican primary." The statewide effort started in 2007, with the intent of allowing only Republicans to vote for Republican candidates in primary elections. Does her statement suggest that Ms. Palm is in favor of allowing Libertarians, Constitutionalists, and even Democrats to select the Republican winner of the primary election?

"The KCRCC has also been instrumental in starting the ... Republican Presidential Caucus." All of the northern counties were against the caucus from the beginning. Tina Jacobson (Chairwoman 2010-2012) was very vocal in opposing the Caucus for exactly the same reasons that Kellie lists. The caucus was a great financial burden on the County Republican Party, partly because multiple polling places had to be rented. The caucus was an unfunded mandate from the State Party. I was at the State Central Committee Meeting in June 2013 when John Cross, representing the North Idaho counties in Region 1, presented a Rules Change to abolish the Idaho Caucus. Kellie's statement is exactly the opposite of the facts.

"I have been the president of Kootenai County Republican Women [Federation]." The KCRWF, among other praiseworthy activities, raises funds for education, scholarships and U.S. Constitution booklets for all high school seniors in the county. So, Kellie, I believe that makes you a constitutionalist. You claimed that, "its membership [KCRCC] has been infiltrated by those of the Constitution and Libertarian Party..." ( Is it inappropriate for Republicans to support the Constitution?

"The KCRCC is currently controlled by a select few with Tina Jacobson and Bob Pedersen at the helm." Bob has never voted at the KCRCC, since he has never been a member. As for Tina, Neil, me, and the others that Kellie claims are in control, we each get only one vote out of 67 members. It seems that Kellie is upset that others can present more persuasive arguments in favor of their proposals than she can. Everyone is free to propose a motion, but every motion must pass by a majority vote.

"We need to focus on the Republican Party in its entirety, not speak disparagingly of any fellow Republican..." After rereading Kellie's article several times, the only Republican she did not speak poorly of was herself.

I suggest that Kellie should do the proper research before she publishes any future articles that are damaging to the local Republican Party.

Tony Wisniewski is Precinct 63 Committeeman.